How About a Bacon and Brie Grilled Cheese by George Duran and Skout?

Not going out for National Grilled Cheese Day? Impress a friend by making a spin on the traditional grilled cheese. Chef George Duran (SkoutID: ChefGeorgeDuran), host of TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off,” created an exclusive recipe just for Skout that is absolutely decadent. Bacon and brie and dark chocolate – oh my!

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich recipe created exclusively for Skout by George Duran.

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich recipe by George Duran created exclusively for Skout.

Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich

By George Duran

Prep Time: 60 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Yield: 2 sandwiches

8 oz. wedge of brie cheese
6 slices of thick-cut bacon
¼ C. maple syrup
¼ C. brown sugar
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 C. semi-sweet chocolate chips
4 thick slices of Italian bread
Butter, room temperature

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

Place brie in freezer for about 20-30 minutes until firm, then cut into ½ inch slices. Set aside.

Line a rimmed cookie sheet with parchment paper. Whisk maple syrup, brown sugar and mustard in a small bowl. Dunk each slice of bacon in the maple mixture and place each strip on the cookie sheet. Place in the preheated oven and cook for about 30 minutes, turning once halfway through. Cook more or less until the bacon looks crispy, but not burnt. Remove from cookie sheet and allow to crisp on a cooling rack.

Place chocolate chips in a small bowl and microwave 2-3 minutes on high, mixing every minute, until the chocolate is fully melted.

Pre-heat a non-stick griddle or pan on low heat and spread a generous amount of butter on one side of each slice of bread. Evenly spread melted chocolate on the inner side of each bread and assemble each sandwich with 3-4 slices of brie and 3 slices of the maple bacon. Grill on each side until golden brown and brie begins to melt.

Serve immediately.

George Duran

George Duran

Tap here for more information about National Grilled Cheese Day.

Skout Celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day!

National Grilled Cheese Day is nacho ordinary holiday. On Sunday, April 12, we are actually ENCOURAGED to slice into delicious grilled cheese sandwiches! Skout asked its community members what they thought about National Grilled Cheese Day, and the results may surprise you:

  • While a grilled cheese sandwich may seem like a safe, all-American meal, 88 percent of grilled cheese fans say they are “fairly” or “very” adventurous.
  • Sixty percent of adults surveyed say they prefer a grilled cheese sandwich that mixes two types of cheeses. Only 40 percent are grilled cheese purists.
  • Eighty-one percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches say they have donated their time, money or food to those in need.


  • Eighty-four percent of grilled cheese sandwich fans love to travel, compared with 78 percent of people who dislike the sandwich.
  • The most popular cheese is American (41 percent), followed by Cheddar (33 percent), Mozzarella (10 percent), Swiss (8 percent), Provolone (6 percent) and Brie (2 percent).
  • White bread is by far the most popular choice (51 percent), followed by wheat (29 percent), sourdough (13 percent), rye (4 percent) and a baguette (3 percent).
  • Forty-seven percent say they add extras to their grilled cheese sandwich, like pesto and tomato, whereas 53 percent say, “Just cheese, please!”
  • Twenty-eight percent of people who say they usually pass on a grilled cheese sandwich say that if they were to order it, they’d remove the crust. Only 10 percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches would remove the crust.

Tap here for Chef George Duran’s exclusive grilled cheese recipe for Skout: Dark Chocolate and Maple-Glazed Bacon Grilled Brie Sandwich!

Watch how Skout HQ serves up grilled cheese:


Skout is all about connections, whether it’s connecting people with new friends or connecting with our community. To celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day – April 12! – Skout is partnering with our local SF-Marin Food Bank to show how we can donate – both time and money – to benefit our community.


Did you know that 1 in 4 kids in San Francisco and Marin counties is at risk of hunger? Everyday the Food Bank provides healthy snacks to 10,000 growing kids via its Morning Snack Program.

On National Grilled Cheese Day, Skout will donate to the Food Bank every time you give a Grilled Cheese Gift to another Skouter, until we have reached our goal of providing healthy snacks for 10,000 growing kids. So please – serve up Grilled Cheese Gifts for FREE to all your Skout friends on Sunday, April 12!

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Giving away free Grilled Cheese Gifts is just one easy way for you to donate and give back to the community.

“But I don’t have a lot of money.” If you donate just $1, the Food Bank can distribute $6 worth of food to the community — enough for three meals.

“You don’t understand – I don’t have ANY money.” You can still help! Volunteer at the Food Bank or organize a food drive.

“The Food Bank seems cool, but I don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area.” Tap here to find a local food bank at which to volunteer and/or donate.

In fact, in just three hours of volunteering, Skout HQ packed 3,200 pounds of food that were delivered by the SF-Marin Food Bank to members of the community.

Skout HQ volunteers at the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Skout HQ volunteers at the SF-Marin Food Bank.

Here’s how you can help, too!

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Hey, Skouters – do you want to work on your favorite global platform for meeting new people? Join us!

Skout is looking for a Global Friendship Ambassador to join our team as an intern for eight weeks this summer in our San Francisco office.

Our ideal intern is an energetic student who loves connecting with friends through social media and mobile apps, enjoys making new friends around the world, and is interested in gaining hands-on experience in marketing.

We will put you to work performing activities such as daily in-app chatting with Skouters around the world, dreaming up community contests, producing social content, and brainstorming new partnerships, ads and virtual gifts.

The intern will also be involved in various marketing activities, ranging from social media and community engagement to public relations and advertising.

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How to Apply

  1. Create a Skout profile.
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Read on for full details for the Global Friendship Ambassador position:

Global Friendship Ambassador Summer Internship at Skout
Would you like to work at a fast-growing startup in San Francisco for the summer? Do you like to meet new people? Do you enjoy connecting with friends through social media and mobile apps? Is there really a job that involves these things? Yes, there is! Skout, the leading global platform for meeting new people and expanding your social circle, is offering a unique internship opportunity this summer. The Skout Global Friendship Ambassador will work closely with Skout’s marketing team as described below.

The Role:
The Global Friendship Ambassador will be involved in all moving parts of the marketing department. For eight weeks, s/he will be assisting in:

  • Community: Dream up fun community contests, work on community surveys, and chat daily with our users around the world. This is where your love for meeting new people and developing friendships comes in!
  • Public Relations: Learn how to craft creative pitch letters to press, research and build media contact lists, develop consumer survey ideas and headlines, as well as take a stab at drafting a press release.
  • Social Media: Write fun blog posts and tweets, highlight success stories from Skout’s users to share via our social channels, and assist in the production of brand videos.
  • Influencer Campaigns: Work alongside our partnerships manager to line up Skout-loving celebrities to help make Skout more visible to their audiences through Instagram, Vine and other platforms. Learn about contracts, negotiation and how to analyze campaign results.
  • Infographics: Have an artistic side you’d like to explore? Help create an infographic that not only reflects the Skout brand but will also highlight key learnings of various consumer survey results.
  • Advertising: For every advertiser on our platform, the design team is critical in delivering eye-grabbing graphics. Assist in creating banner ads, graphics and co-branded logos for Skout.
  • Skout Gifts: As part of our platform, Skout regularly designs and releases new virtual gifts for our users. The Skout Global Friendship Ambassador will help design new gifts for our Skout Gift Store.

The ideal candidates must be:

  • At least 19 years of age.
  • Eligible to work in the United States.
  • Enrolled in a four-year degree program.
  • Willing to suggest new ideas and provide constructive feedback.
  • Hungry, eager to learn and ready to have fun!

Skout, an Andreessen Horowitz backed company, is the first location-based global platform for meeting new people and expanding your social circle. Headquartered in San Francisco, the Skout community spans more than 180 countries, is available in 14 languages on iOS, Android and Windows devices and has facilitated more than 500 million connections in 2014. Since its inception in 2007, Skout has launched a number of different features including Skout Gifts, Shake-to-Chat and Skout Travel.

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Nothing gets the Buzz comments flowing like posting about your favorite team. Skouters are passionate about sports!

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The Joy of Online Friendship

Online Friends (OFs) rock, and that’s why we celebrate them on International Online Friendship Day – and every day!

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Happy International Online Friendship Day!


17 International Online Friendship Day Facts

Do you have an online friend (OF) – someone with whom you chat with regularly but have never met? You’re not alone!

In honor of International Online Friendship Day, Skout asked its community members in more than 10 different countries about their OFs as well as what they consider to be the friendliest cities. Here is what we found:

Half of All Adults Have Online Friends – And 6 More #OF Facts

Technology is enabling millions of new friendships around the world, and Skout is used by millions of people across 180 countries. People can connect with new friends anytime, anywhere, and keep friendships online or make plans and meet up in person.








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We “Skouted” the U.S. to uncover the cities with the friendliest qualities.


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Skouters Show Off Online Friends

Online Friends (OFs) are real friends! Skouters have met new people on Buzz, Shake-to-Chat, Skout Travel and other features, so we asked you to show off your OF who rocks! Skouters posted photos of themselves with their online besties, tagged #OFRock, on Buzz. We chose our favorites to win 1,000 Points. Here are our favorites:

Mona (SkoutID mona81) met some of her closest friends on Skout.

Rona (SkoutID ronasmiler007) took an online friendship offline.

Khaleesi (SkoutID gorgeousf) watches Barcelona win with her online bestie.

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Online Friends Rock!

What do you do when you’re bored, home sick or awake late at night? Turn to your Online Friend (OF)!

Unlike clubs, bars and school, Skout is open 24 hours a day for people to connect. Skouters have told us that they start each day by logging on to Skout, seeing what people are up to, and chatting with OFs. Those are your people to whom you can seek out opinions about your interview outfit or where to find a good burrito.

Also, hanging out with OFs means you can have a great conversation without having to brush your hair or put on pants!

OFs provide great chat without having to leave your room!

OFs provide great chat without having to leave your room!

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  • Post AND comment on Buzz. Show Skouters why they’d want to be OFs with you by being positive and engaging.
  • Find Skouters with whom you have things in common on Meet People. But first, be sure your profile is up to date! Have you filled out your interests? Do you mention if you’re single or in a relationship?
  • Let serendipity take over with Shake-to-Chat. Stand out among the “Hey, what’s up,” with one of these 10 iceshakers.

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Find the Skout Travel feature under "Unlock More Fun"!

Find the Skout Travel feature under “Unlock More Fun”!