Wardrobe Wednesday: End of Summer Boating

Even though schools are starting around the country summer is still in full swing so take advantage of the warm weather and add a touch of the yachting set to your wardrobe. Try one, or all of these pieces for an outfit worthy of watching the America's Cup boats fly (literally) by.

Straw Hat with Vintage Style Band - to keep the sun off your face

Merc Herrington Jacket - to keep the chill off your shoulders

Broken-In Chino Classic Fit - to keep you looking stylish

Asos Sneakers in Washed Canvas - to give the allusion to boat shoes

Broken in Pocket Tee - because nothing is better then a good fitting tee

Warby Parker Downing Sunglasses - to keep the sun out of your eyes

Wardrobe Wednesday: Evening News


Newspapers are normally the ones who report the news, but as of late, it seems they are the news. The number of papers that have changed hands recently, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and Newsweek to name a few, speaks to hopefully a renewed interest in returning these bastions of the printed word to their rightful place in our consciousness. So whether you read the paper daily or just want to look like you do, Skoutinista's got your "geek chic" that will carry you through the air conditioned newsrooms of summer, straight into the fall election coverage.

Denim is ubiquitous these days so don't be shy. These slim boyfriends from Asos are a stylish choice that will take you from the end of summer days into fall and even winter. A girly girl blouse adds a sweetness, as well as dressing the look up just enough so that you go from weekend relaxing to workday routine. Flats are the new black this fall, especially the loafer variety - add a fun twist with polka dots and embellishments. Throw a school like bag over your shoulder to carry those newspapers in, don a pair of Warby Parker glasses (whether you need them or not) and people will be asking you to explain the debt ceiling.