Skouter Lady Toro (SKOUT ID: ladytoro1) has been making friends on SKOUT for three years. In July 2015, she noticed River (SKOUT ID: river1175) on the Buzz of a mutual friend. “Her sense of humor was spot on, and I knew immediately she was a cool chick,” remembers Lady Toro. River sent Lady Toro a private message, and they clicked right away! “Same sassy and snarky sense of humor,” says Lady Toro.

Lady Toro lives in Amsterdam, and River is thousands of mile away in North Carolina, but they don’t let the time difference get in the way of their friendship. They even plan to meet in person this year!

“She cracks me up so often! We can talk for hours sometimes (and totally forget about the time difference, as it's usually halfway through the night for me). We've been talking about meeting up at some stage this year. I'm not sure yet who goes where, but I'm positive we will meet in person and have a great time together. I have a lot of online friends but never had a bestie like her; she rocks!”

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SKOUT Success: Laura and Seth

Laura returned home from a particularly bad day at work a few months ago when she decided to download SKOUT to take her mind off her stress.

She noticed Seth’s profile right away on the Meet screen and sent him a Wink. Seth responded, and they hit it off from there!

That was back in September. A month later in October, they decided to meet in person at Walt Disney World in Florida. Laura made the trek from London, and they ended up spending the entire week together!

After returning to England, Seth and Laura decided to give a long-distance relationship a try. They became inseparable and have since decided to get married. Laura has moved to the United States to be with Seth, and their wedding date is set for Jan. 1, 2017 in Walt Disney World to celebrate the day they met.

Congratulations to Laura and Seth!

Congratulations to Laura and Seth!

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