Bring Your K-9 Bestie to Work With You!

June 24 is Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day®! Here at SKOUT, we usually focus on making human besties. However, in honor of this occasion, we thought it’d be fun to learn what the SKOUT community thinks about K-9 besties in the workplace.

Highlights from our survey include:

Dogs at work are more popular than you may think!

  • 14% of everyone surveyed say they bring their dog to work, at least some of the time.
  • People who work in an office are even more likely to bring their dog to work -- with 21% saying they bring their four-legged friend to their workplace.

Dogs can make you happier, more productive and less stressed at work.

  • 74% of people surveyed say that dogs make employees feel happier in the workplace.
    • Office workers are even more likely (78%) to think so.
  • 63% of people surveyed say that dogs help lower employees’ stress levels at work.
    • Among office workers, that jumps to 67%.
  • 43% of everyone surveyed say that dogs make employees more productive.
    • Office workers especially think so - with 51% saying canine coworkers enhance productivity.

Dogs give companies a “cool factor.”

  • 51% of people surveyed say being able to bring your tail-wagger to work makes your company a cool place to work. Workers age 30 and under especially think so (58%).

Best company perk? Pooches are more popular than ping pong tables.

  • When it comes to perks in the workplace, the ability to bring your dog to work is preferred three times as much as the option of having a ping pong or foosball table.

One possible problem: getting along with your boss’s dog!

  • 9% of people surveyed say the biggest downside of having dogs in the workplace would be having to pretend they like their boss’s dog, even if they don’t.

Dogs rule, cats drool.

  • 78% of people surveyed say they prefer Take Your Dog to Work Day, while 22% prefer Take Your Cat to Work Day.

At SKOUT, we enjoy being able to bring our K-9 best friends to work. But, there are definitely guidelines we need to follow to ensure everyone in the office gets along with our K-9 bestie. Check out our tips for taking your dog to work.

If you don’t have a dog and are thinking about adopting one, consider adopting from Muttville! This San Francisco based non-profit gives senior dogs who are least likely to be adopted from shelters a second chance at love! Muttville dogs make awesome companions, especially for those workaholics who spend the bulk of their time in the office and prefer to have their dog by their side while they work!

You can scroll through the friendly K-9 faces on Muttville’s website to find the right dog for you. In addition, you can give your favorite Skouters Muttville stickers during Take Your Dog to Work Day! For every sticker given on this day, SKOUT will make a donation to Muttville. Take a look at the Muttville stickers!

Give Back, Drink a Negroni

Our resident Mixologist, Mikey, recently informed us it’s Negroni Week. What is a Negroni you may ask and why has there been an entire week set aside to celebrate it? Well, the Negroni is a yummy cocktail that is super easy to make and enjoy with a group of friends. Negroni Week was started as a way to raise money for local charities around the world. Learn more about Negroni Week here.

To celebrate, we’d like to share Mikey’s Negroni-making expertise with you!


  • 1 oz Campari
  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth


  • Orange peel


Add all the ingredients to a double old fashioned glass and fill with ice. Stir until well chilled. Express an orange peel over the drink and drop it in. Check out our Instagram video for the tutorial!

Boost Your Popularity on SKOUT!

If you’ve downloaded the latest version of SKOUT, you will notice a small battery icon to the right of your profile picture in your Menu. This icon represents your popularity in the SKOUT community!

The color of the bars along with the number of bars coincide with your popularity score, ranging from Low to Very High.

As with any popularity contest, there are several factors that determine your status. In SKOUT, your popularity is determined by the number of times your Profile has been viewed, the number of chat requests you’ve received, as well as the number of Likes people have given you in the Interested? game.

Curious to find out how to boost your popularity? Follow the instructions below to get started. The steps are the same for both Android and iOS. 

Step 1: Tap on the battery icon.  

Step 2: Tap one of the buttons to increase your popularity.

After tapping on the battery icon in your Menu, you will be taken to a screen showing your popularity during the past seven days. To boost your popularity, tap one of the buttons below the chart. For example, tap “Get Seen First” to move to the next screen.

Step 3: Sign up for Premium.

On this screen, tap the green button to select your Premium subscription.

Once you’ve signed up for a Premium subscription, your popularity will automatically go up because you will be seen first in the Interested? game; increase your search rank in the Meet grid; and have your chat messages go directly to the inbox instead of waiting in the chat request queue for approval from another Skouter.

Along with these awesome perks the Premium subscription gives you access to, you will also be provided with tips on how to boost your profile for optimal exposure to the rest of the SKOUT community.

After you have signed up for Premium, your popularity screen will look like this:

Complete your profile by adding a profile photo and filling out your About Me section. You can also increase your popularity by keeping your Buzz up to date. What did you do this weekend? Post a photo of your adventure!

Now that you’ve grasped how to increase your popularity, we’ll show you how to view your fellow Skouters’ popularity via Insights!

Not only will SKOUT Insights let you see the popularity score of a fellow Skouter, it will allow you to view if that Skouter has read your recent chat message to him or her; check out when he or she was last seen in the app; and let you know how long he or she has been a member of the SKOUT community.

To access SKOUT Insights, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to another Skouter’s profile and tap “Insights.”

Step 2: Tap “Unlock.”

Step 3: Sign Up for Premium.

From here you will be taken to the Premium subscription screen. If you have not already signed up for Premium, choose your subscription.

Once you have signed up for Premium, you will be able to view the Insights tab.

Happy Skouting! As always, make sure to download the latest version of SKOUT to access new features. 

Keep up with our blog for the latest tips and tricks for how to get the best Skouting experience!

Show Us Your #K9Bestie!


Whether you're able to take your dog to work or not on June 24th, we want to know who your K-9 friends are! We’re giving Skouters a chance to win a SKOUT branded dog leash and 500 Points!

All you need to do is post a photo of you and your K-9 bestie to the blog with the hashtag #K9Bestie. We’ll choose our favorites and award the winner SKOUT swag and Points!

Summer Goal: Get a Pen Pal!

Weekend getaways, ultimate frisbee competitions, music festivals...summer is amazing, right?  With Memorial Day right around the corner, now is the time to start setting your summer goals, and this year why not add an online pen pal to the list?!

Back in the “olden days” people would be assigned a pen pal through an organization and then they’d write hand-written letters back and forth to learn about each other’s cultures and customs. Today, it’s so much easier to connect with new friends around the world! Use the SKOUT Travel feature to find someone to talk to anywhere in the world, immediately. You won't have to wait interminable weeks for a response from your pen pal, and of course, there is the added benefit of not having to look around for a postage stamp!

Don’t know where to begin? We’ll make it easy for you… Our team combed through data to uncover the friendliest cities around the world. Take a look at the map below. In the past month, Skouters in these cities have made the most connections. So go ahead, reach out and strike up a conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone who will be a friend for life!


Get a summer pen pal? Check that one off the list!

Skouters Provide Burger Inspiration for Hamburger Day

May 28 is Hamburger Day! Join the fun by grabbing your friends for a night out at your favorite burger joint.  

How do you prefer your burger - well done, medium, medium-well? Do you take your burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard… all of the above? Or are you do you tend to stick with veggie burgers?

To answer some of these impending questions, we asked Skouters how they like their burgers. The answers will definitely make your mouth water.

“For juicier burgers, flip the patty only once, and don’t cover the grill or pan.” — SkoutID: kzykzy

“I use Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, season salt and mix it together. Sometimes I will throw in ketchup or hot sauce.” — SkoutID: curlysue79

“I like adding chipotle hot sauce to give it a smoky flavor!” — SkoutID: Bianca

“My bro puts fried garlic chips on burgers. I love ’em!” — SkoutID: Eric

“Mix ground chuck with coconut milk and one egg white. Grill patties with a slice of pineapple to make Hawaiian burgers.” — SkoutID: dwbpd

“Jalapeño burgers are good!” — SkoutID: corepowww

“I found these really delicious!” — SkoutID: aviva1dan

“One things I like to do is make stuffed burgers with an onion, mushroom and bell pepper saute. And don’t forget to butter up them buns and toast them on the grill — you’ll thank me a bunch later.” — SkoutID: omars30

“I love my burgers with cheese, salsa and mayonnaise, so it doesn’t hurt to experiment.” — SkoutID: dreamgirl34

“Breaded banana peppers, fried pickles or French’s onions and Frank’s red hot sauce mixed in the meat.” — SkoutID: bluecandi33

“Bacon.” — SkoutID: live4everfloris

We’re honoring Hamburger Day with free Hamburger Gifts! You can find this deliciousness in the Food Court category of the Gift Store.

Giving a gift to another Skouter is easy! Learn how.

Bike Month Celebrates Active Transportation!

At the beginning of the year, we asked Skouters what their goals were for 2016. 74% said they planned to exercise more this year, and 84% say they get a better workout when they exercise with a friend!

How is that exercise routine coming along for you? If you need some inspiration to mix up your workout routine, May is the perfect month to pick up bicycling!

Bike Month is primarily celebrated in the United States and Canada, but you can celebrate anywhere! During the month of May, we encourage you to take a weekend bike trek with friends or simply commute to work on your bike as opposed to driving or taking public transportation.

Check out this video from our co-worker biking around Santiago, Chile!

Promote biking this month by sharing the Mountain Bike Gift with your favorite Skouters! This gift can be found in the Bikes category of the Gift Store. They’re free for the rest of the month!

Skouters Dish on Their Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

May 15 is Chocolate Chip Day, and to celebrate this delicious occasion, we asked Skouters what their favorite chocolate chip cookies are.

Whether they be homemade or store-bought, Skouters definitely love cookies! Warning: Reading this will make your sweet tooth ache. With that said, carry on!

“I love cooking, but I have to put a brake on baking, otherwise the kitchen will be the place I spend most of my time at every day. But I have a friend who bakes all desserts amazingly, and here’s the recipe she uses -” — SkoutID: aviva1dan

“I love a good white-chocolate and fresh-raspberry cookie.” — SkoutID: legolego

“White-chocolate chip with macadamia nuts.” — SkoutID: dwbpd

“Always include walnuts. I won’t eat a chocolate chip cookie unless it has walnuts.” — SkoutID: Mikemyers

“Eat it raw — so much better. LOL!” — SkoutID: Timmay

“I love baking, but it's easier to buy already-made cookie mix. I'm a budget shopper.” — SkoutID: bunnyredgrave

“Chips Ahoy!” — SkoutID: Ale

Share your love for chocolate chip cookies on May 15 by giving your favorite Skouters a Chocolate Chip Cookies Gift, now free in the Gift Store until the end of the day on the 15th! You can find this gift in the Sweets category of the Gift Store.

Not sure how to give a gift in SKOUT? Learn how!

Shout Out to Our #Besuper Contest Winner!

During Superhero Day, we asked our community to post a picture with their super squad to the Buzz with the hashtag #besuper.

We had several stellar entries, but would like to award one outstanding entry in particular with a SKOUT Superhero Day t-shirt and 500 points. Congratulations! 

SkoutID: 2daifor

SkoutID: 2daifor

Stay tuned for more opportunities to win SKOUT swag and Points!

Head to the Flower Shop of the Gift Store on Mother's Day

This year, both Iris Day and Mother’s Day fall on the same day! Is this a serendipitous coincidence? We think so! 

To show our mothers how much we truly appreciate their love and support, we’re making the Iris Gifts free on Sunday, May 8! 

Celebrate the best BFF of all, your mother, by sharing Iris Gifts on Mother’s Day. Head to the Flower Shop category of the Gift Store for the Iris Gift.

New to SKOUT? Giving a Gift is a great way to break the ice with a fellow Skouter. Learn how to give a gift!

Thank You for Helping Us Grant a Wish!

Our National Superhero Day campaign was a huge success due to the generosity of the SKOUT community.

We surveyed more than 4,000 members of our community and learned more than 80% want to be superheroes in real life! And what does it take to be a superhero in real life? The majority of Skouters think it takes selflessness.

During our campaign, we asked Skouters to give a Superhero Gift to help SKOUT and Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area grant a wish to a child suffering from a life-threatening medical condition.

We owe our entire community a huge thank you for helping us meet our goal of granting a wish to a child in need of a real-life superhero. Thank you for exemplifying the true selflessness it takes to be a superhero.