Skout Swag Photo Contest!

Hey Skouters! Want your chance at 10,000 Skout points? We thought so! We’re kicking off a series of new challenges for our community to reward you for being so totally awesome. Today’s is a photo contest: #mykicks. Here’s the scoop:

It’s no secret that our Skouters are super fly, and we want to see your Skout swagger.  Upload a picture to your Skout buzz in the next 24 hours (and share via Twitter and Instagram please!) with the hashtag #mykicks showing how you rock your freshest shoes. Make sense? The winner will get 10,000 POINTS and will get an awesome feature here on the Skout blog. Make sense?

Winner will be announced next week. Ready, set, swag!


Virtual Travel coming to Skout

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 10, 2013) - Skout Inc. today announced Skout Travel, a new feature that allows Skout members to virtually travel to other cities using the Skout App. "We are very excited about offering Skout Travel to our Skout Community. This is an exciting development in the online experience of meeting new people," Skout's CEO Christian Wiklund said. "Our Skout Travel feature continues to push forward our goal of creating a fun and unique way for people to meet and interact around the globe. The Skout Travel feature allows Skout users to see first hand what the community is like in a different city. Whether they are just curious, going to visit or looking to move, this feature gives our community the ability to really feel like a local before they arrive somewhere new." Wiklund explained.

Skout Travel has an easy to use UX that mimics purchasing an airline ticket in the real world. Skout users are able to choose a city, and then purchase, using Skout Points, a ticket to that city that is valid for 24 hours. The ticket switches the location of the users phone to the chosen city allowing them to see the local buzz, chat with local Skout users and interact as though they are virtually in that city.

Vice President of Engineering, Greg Burch says, "With the touch of a button, Skout Travel allows our users to choose their own adventure. It removes the barriers between cultures, creating limitless possibilities to meet and learn from new people."

"Skout Travel opens a whole new realm of ways to connect to new people," said Nik Lindstrom, Skout's CTO. Lindstrom says, "When a Skout member uses Skout Travel they are virtually transported to a city they do not live in, it is a safe way to see what is happening in other places."

Skout Travel will be available for both iOS and Android.

Android Update - 3.2

  An Android update of Skout is now available in Google Play!

You can now invite your Instagram friends to chat with you on Skout with a personalized photo of your profile!

You can find the Add Instagram Friends button on the top of your chat inbox.

We have also revamped content-sharing.  You can now send smileys, photos, and gifts all from one easy menu.


Update now by going to SKOUT in Google Play (Android Market) and tapping UPDATE.

What Else is New in Android Version 3.2? • Free App Downloads – Send games and other apps as virtual gifts! • Add to Favorites – Easily add users to your Favorites list, directly from Chat. • Design updates – Love that Skout blue! • Bug fixes & Performance improvements

Android Update - Version 3.1

  Android Version 3.1.0 is now available in Google Play (Android Market).

Update to get all the new features and upgrades!


What's new in Android 3.1.0?

Performance and stability improvements

The Android app is faster and more stable, improving your Skout experience.


Add your Friends to Skout

You can invite your Facebook Friends or phone contacts to Skout.  Once they confirm, they will be added to your Friends list.


Detailed control over notification settings

Manage your notifications, so you can get alerted about new messages, when someone checks out your profile, photo comments, and more!  Or less.  You decide!


Interface updates for improved navigation

Design changes make navigation and chatting faster and easier.


Update to Skout 3.1.0 now!



Get the Brand New Skout!

Skout has undergone a complete makeover! We have updated our appearance and added new features and functions.

Get in on these exciting changes!  Update Skout on your Android or iOS device now.


See the New Look The Skout icon has changed from a heart to the Skout target to better represent Skout’s aim to make it fun and easy to meet new people and make friends. From our icon down to our toes, we’ve changed our appearance to be sleeker, smoother, and more intuitive.


Skout is all about connecting and friendship, you can now add your friends from Facebook or contact list.  Show your social circle and Skout with your Friends.


Quickly Navigate Anywhere
Moving around the new Skout is super easy with swipe action – swipe to the left to access your chat inbox and swipe right to access the navigation menu.  You’ll be zipping around and chatting up a storm in no time!

Requested by You - Block List
You can now manage your own block list. Block and unblock users at your own choosing. On the left navigation menu (remember, swipe right to reveal it!), tap Settings, then Blocked Users to access your block list.


Comment and Share A picture is worth a thousand words, so we've enhanced the photo viewing and commenting experience with pinch and zoom capability, a photo gallery, and smoother browsing.


Speaking Your Language
Skout now supports 13 languages, including French, Italian, Swedish, Thai, and Indonesian.