Memorial Day, the Skout Way.

Business Insider just deemed New York City, Miami, Washington DC, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas the top 5 cities you need to visit this Memorial Day weekend. While these places are awesome, they may be a little out of reach if you're short on time or money. Still, that doesn't mean you can't have an action packed weekend elsewhere! For those of you who want to celebrate Memorial Day, but don't want to wait in long lines or pay $15 for a watered down Vodka Soda, here are 5 other ways you can enjoy your long weekend.

1. Hiking: Hiking is a great way to take advantage of a day off and get in touch with Mother Nature. Gather up the troops and enjoy the view! The best part? It's usually FREE! Suggested trails in the United States: Pacific Coast Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, Trinity River Trail, Shark Valley, Buckeye Trail.

2. BBQ: Any day is a good day to celebrate with food. If the weather permits, invite some old and new friends to a park or your backyard for a barbecue! Make it a potluck and see who brings the most delicious dish. Suggested food: Potato salad, baby back ribs, hot dogs, ice cream, or something a little different like lumpia or elote.


3. Camping: Camping is a good way to take advantage of a three day weekend, especially with family or friends. Get on Skout, and see what popular campsites are in your area and who else will be there. Don't forget the s'mores! Suggested campsites: Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort, Bayou Segnette State Parks, Enota Mountain Retreat, Keaiwa Heiau State Park.

4. Staycation: For those of you who don't know, a staycation is a vacation at home. You can be lazy in bed all weekend without a care in the world, or visit local attractions you've never been to before. If you have some extra cash, spend a few nights in a hotel or b&b and feel like a tourist in your own city! Suggested activities: Bike ride through the city, have a picnic in the park, visit a museum, attend a local open mic night.

5. Shopping: Where there's a holiday, there's usually a holiday sale not too far behind. Since you couldn't make it out of town, why not splurge a little and go shopping? You'll find some of the best deals out there this weekend! Suggested stores: Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, KMart.

Whether you decide to barbecue or attend a pool party, don't forget that Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen soldiers. Have fun, be safe, and don't forget to share your Memorial Day weekend stories on Skout and see what everyone else is doing too. Skout On!


Mother's Day Fashion

Mother’s Day is Sunday and whether you are seeing your own mom or a significant other’s mom, or both it’s a day when you should look “mom appropriate”. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your own style. There are plenty of ways to incorporate more mom-approved items into your repertoire without sacrificing your individuality. Maybe try a pretty skirt with a crisp, white t-shirt for brunch or a sundress for an afternoon get together, through a cardigan over your shoulders to keep the chill away. Going out to dinner to celebrate mom? Pair a tea length pencil skirt with a button up shirt or blouse and you are set.

Skoutinista-050813-Mothers day

Click below to purchase these mom approved options and don't forget the flowers!

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Wednesday Wardrobe - Coffee Date

Hey guys, do you feel at a loss when it comes to dressing fashionably? Are there days when you want to look your best but just aren’t sure what to wear? Never fear I’m here to help you make your way through that scary arena-fashion- and make sure the ladies are saying wow, he looks good instead of wow, he’s still stuck in the ‘70’s. Let’s tackle a casual coffee meet up today. You’ve been chatting with someone on Skout and decided that it’s time to meet face to face. You rally a friend or two to act as a buffer and set a date for a stress-free or as close as you can get to stress free, meet up. Wait, don’t ruin a good thing by showing up looking like a slacker, put a little effort into how you look and have her, or him remember you not the latte art.





Cas is good, but it should be put together too, not just rolled out of bed. Have fashion questions? Feel free to chat me on Skout or leave a comment below.