SKOUT Success: Laura and Seth

Laura returned home from a particularly bad day at work a few months ago when she decided to download SKOUT to take her mind off her stress.

She noticed Seth’s profile right away on the Meet screen and sent him a Wink. Seth responded, and they hit it off from there!

That was back in September. A month later in October, they decided to meet in person at Walt Disney World in Florida. Laura made the trek from London, and they ended up spending the entire week together!

After returning to England, Seth and Laura decided to give a long-distance relationship a try. They became inseparable and have since decided to get married. Laura has moved to the United States to be with Seth, and their wedding date is set for Jan. 1, 2017 in Walt Disney World to celebrate the day they met.

Congratulations to Laura and Seth!

Congratulations to Laura and Seth!

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Breaking up is hard to do

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it real. So this week I had a question from Mark, he chatted me up on Skout to ask how to end a relationship with a girl he had been seeing for a few months. He thought it was best to just stop talking to her.

I thought it would be best to share what I told him with all of you, just in case anyone else was thinking they would “just stop talking to the person”.

Here’s the deal, whether it’s an online only relationship or one in the physical world you have put some time into it, they have put some time into it - maybe a few days, a few months or even a few years, so you owe the person, and yourself,  an actual end. In other words, don’t just stop talking to them, end it in a mature way that will give both of you some closure.

There are hundreds of reasons why a relationship ends; someone cheats, you find someone else, you grow apart…whatever it is there needs to be closure. Tell the person, in an email or in person, that you have moved on or that you don’t trust them anymore or whatever the case may be. Don’t just ignore them, that degrades the time they and you spent on the relationship. Think about it from your point of view, wouldn’t you rather know the relationship was over as opposed to just guess?

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping it Real

Seriously Serious, too Quick

The other day I was chatting with a guy friend of mine, (and yes, guys and gals can be friends even if Harry doesn’t think so) and he was lamenting to me about a new phenomenon he has encountered in dating. He calls it the fall fast and leave. It seems that girls are getting really serious really quickly, talking all kinds of I love you and future plans only to realize a few weeks later that it is not what they want and break off all communication.  Now my friend is a sensitive guy, and is looking for that special someone but now he’s telling me he’s been burned too many times and doesn’t feel like he can trust what girls say.

Look, it’s all well and good to move quickly if that’s what you want. It’s also totally acceptable to realize after you’ve been hanging out with someone, that you aren’t as compatible as you first thought but come on ladies…let’s be rational about this. Why get so serious right off the bat? Give it some time to grow and for you to actually decide if you like this person or not.  Relax and enjoy getting to know someone before you get all serious and then turn runaway bride on him or her.

By immediately claiming love and a deep connection you run the risk of a. scaring the guy off before he gets to know you or in the case of my friend hurting the same guy you acted like you could spend the rest of your life with.

Keep in mind, you know what they say about Karma, it’s a…

Skout Wing Gal - Keeping It Real

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