Wardrobe Wednesday: End of Summer Boating

Even though schools are starting around the country summer is still in full swing so take advantage of the warm weather and add a touch of the yachting set to your wardrobe. Try one, or all of these pieces for an outfit worthy of watching the America's Cup boats fly (literally) by.

Straw Hat with Vintage Style Band - to keep the sun off your face

Merc Herrington Jacket - to keep the chill off your shoulders

Broken-In Chino Classic Fit - to keep you looking stylish

Asos Sneakers in Washed Canvas - to give the allusion to boat shoes

Broken in Pocket Tee - because nothing is better then a good fitting tee

Warby Parker Downing Sunglasses - to keep the sun out of your eyes

Wardrobe Wednesday - Guys and their Red, White and Blue

Guys-4thofJulyGuys, are you wondering if you can rock the red, white and blue all year round. Check out our stylish pieces perfect for a July 4th BBQ or firework extravaganza that you won't have to hide in the back of your closet when July 5th roles around.
Pair them together or separately for a patriotic and stylish day.
Happy 4th of July!

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