The Shake Continues at Skout

Are you curious about what goes on in the Skout offices? Do you often find yourself wondering - how in the world do they dream up all the cool features the Skout App has? Well we have it on good authority that a little friendly rivalry goes a long way to stoking the creative juices, which is why we have our very own Harlem Shake Off happening right now. Skout Chile threw down the gauntlet on Valentine's Day with their video.

Not to be out done, Skout HQ rallied to the challenge and this week filmed a response.

Harlem Shake - Skout HQ from Rachel Tan | Reel Street Love on Vimeo.

Now comes the fun part (well, actually filming the video was pretty fun-we admit it) we have to decide which office shakes it better and that's where you come in! It's up to you to decide which Skout office is the Harlem Shake Champions. Leave a comment here, or chat to SkoutWingGirl in the Skout App and tell us A (for Chile) or B (for HQ).

The Day After - Valentine's Day at Skout

Wondering what Skout did to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday? Well wonder no more because we are going to let you peek in at the inner workings, (or not working) of Skout.

So here at Skout HQ we spent the day spreading the love. Not many people know the legend of the Valentine's Day heart who each year chooses an office to spread love through. This year Skout HQ was the lucky recipient of the heart's love and roses!

While in the Chile office...well, we'll just let you see how they spent Valentine's Day.

Game on Chile.