Wardrobe Wednesday - Mother's Day Brunch: Guy Style

Today is May 1st, which means 11 days until Mother’s day, and that most likely means there is a brunch in your future. So guys listen up: whether it’s your mother or the new love of your life’s mother you cannot show up looking like you just rolled out of bed. Give the mom in your life a double gift this Mother’s Day, spend time with her and look presentable.

We all know that sometimes what we think looks good differs from what our moms would like us to wear.  Look, you don’t have to completely loose your sense of style, just tweak it a little for mom’s sensibility. It is her day after all. Try a pair of khakis instead of baggy jeans, a button up instead of a t-shirt-it's the small things that count.

Grab this whole look, or a combo and make mom’s day even better!




As always, send me your fashion quandaries and I’ll get you the answer!

Wednesday Wardrobe - Coffee Date

Hey guys, do you feel at a loss when it comes to dressing fashionably? Are there days when you want to look your best but just aren’t sure what to wear? Never fear I’m here to help you make your way through that scary arena-fashion- and make sure the ladies are saying wow, he looks good instead of wow, he’s still stuck in the ‘70’s. Let’s tackle a casual coffee meet up today. You’ve been chatting with someone on Skout and decided that it’s time to meet face to face. You rally a friend or two to act as a buffer and set a date for a stress-free or as close as you can get to stress free, meet up. Wait, don’t ruin a good thing by showing up looking like a slacker, put a little effort into how you look and have her, or him remember you not the latte art.





Cas is good, but it should be put together too, not just rolled out of bed. Have fashion questions? Feel free to chat me on Skout or leave a comment below.