New Skout Release - Push to Talk!

Sometimes in today’s world of texting, emailing and chatting I find myself missing the sound of someone’s voice. There are just certain things that get lost when you type them. You know like sarcasm, and irony, or just pure happiness. Sure you can put it in italics or add a lot of exclamation points but it’s not the same as hearing the tone and inflection of a person’s voice. Here at Skout we thought you might feel the same way, somethings are just better spoken. So today we are super excited to announce our newest feature Push to Talk!

When you're in a chat with someone and only voice will do, click on the microphone at the bottom right...

Then, just hold your finger on the Hold to Talk button and record away, 10 seconds, 20 seconds up to 30 seconds. Leave a message for someone you’ve been chatting with. When you're finished and want to go back to typing just click the keyboard and you're set!

Upgrade Skout today in the Google Play and iTunes stores!

Android Update - 3.2

  An Android update of Skout is now available in Google Play!

You can now invite your Instagram friends to chat with you on Skout with a personalized photo of your profile!

You can find the Add Instagram Friends button on the top of your chat inbox.

We have also revamped content-sharing.  You can now send smileys, photos, and gifts all from one easy menu.


Update now by going to SKOUT in Google Play (Android Market) and tapping UPDATE.

What Else is New in Android Version 3.2? • Free App Downloads – Send games and other apps as virtual gifts! • Add to Favorites – Easily add users to your Favorites list, directly from Chat. • Design updates – Love that Skout blue! • Bug fixes & Performance improvements

Android Update - Version 3.1

  Android Version 3.1.0 is now available in Google Play (Android Market).

Update to get all the new features and upgrades!


What's new in Android 3.1.0?

Performance and stability improvements

The Android app is faster and more stable, improving your Skout experience.


Add your Friends to Skout

You can invite your Facebook Friends or phone contacts to Skout.  Once they confirm, they will be added to your Friends list.


Detailed control over notification settings

Manage your notifications, so you can get alerted about new messages, when someone checks out your profile, photo comments, and more!  Or less.  You decide!


Interface updates for improved navigation

Design changes make navigation and chatting faster and easier.


Update to Skout 3.1.0 now!