Wardrobe Wednesday - Beach Dreaming

For many schools this week/weekend marks the end of the year. Classes are getting out, graduation ceremonies happening and summer really beginning. I miss being young, feeling like you have an endless amount of summer stretching out before you. Beach trips, lake trips, just hanging out with friends not having a care in the world. Most of us can’t get away for an Endless Summer, so while I would love to be sitting on a beach sipping a fruity beverage, I am planning to at least look the part. Skoutinista - 061213

Do you have beach dreams too? Try one, or all of my tropical themed finds, put on the ukulele music and spread Aloha.

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Black and White with Spots All Over

Today my dear Fashion seekers we are going to tackle two trends as well as how to go from work to play with minimal effort! Right now black and white is hot, hot, hot. Everyone is showing it in a myriad of different ways. There is color blocking, graphic prints and  just plain black and white. Another trend sweeping through designer and retail alike is polka dots, and when you combine the two trends…heads will turn! I recently had someone chat me on Skout and ask what she could wear to work that then would look fun, and yes, sexy, for a date the same evening. She did not have time to go home and change between the two so she was looking for something that could go day to night, and look appropriate for both.

I immediately thought why not take a trend or two and stitch them to your specifications.


Try a sheer black and white polka dot blouse like the one above for a great for a peekaboo feel in the evening, just make sure you pair it with a black camisole (try American Apparel for a simple one) underneath for a daytime work appropriate look. I also think a black cardigan over it is a soft touch and keeps the chill of office air conditioning off your shoulders. Depending on your work environment, either skinny black jeans or a black skirt for the bottom with white ballet flats during the day. As you leave the office and head to meet your date slip on a pair of black high heeled sandals (make sure your pedicure is fresh) and you are good to go.

Want to try the above outfit - I've got the hook up!

Sheer Blouse

Asymmetrical Skirt

Skinny Black Jeans


Hot Metal Flat

Vanish Sandal

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist