Wardrobe Wednesday - Winter White

Just because Labor Day has arrived, and summer is nearing an end, doesn't mean you have to put away the whites. Sure, convention holds that you don't wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day but Skoutinista says that no longer holds muster. The "rule" came about because white is a color you where to keep cool, sure that makes sense that you would wear it in the summer when the weather is warmer; but to say absolutely no white in the fall/winter months  seems a little extreme. We've gathered some of our favorite whites that will take you through fall, into winter and even through next spring. So go ahead, wear that white next week!

Fun Hundred Percent Dress

Elemental Dress

Best of Bows Worlds Top

Lacefall Dress

Wesley Oxford White

Cressida Skirt

Antipodium for Asos Climax Lace Up

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Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist
Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

Wardrobe Wednesday: Evening News


Newspapers are normally the ones who report the news, but as of late, it seems they are the news. The number of papers that have changed hands recently, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and Newsweek to name a few, speaks to hopefully a renewed interest in returning these bastions of the printed word to their rightful place in our consciousness. So whether you read the paper daily or just want to look like you do, Skoutinista's got your "geek chic" that will carry you through the air conditioned newsrooms of summer, straight into the fall election coverage.

Denim is ubiquitous these days so don't be shy. These slim boyfriends from Asos are a stylish choice that will take you from the end of summer days into fall and even winter. A girly girl blouse adds a sweetness, as well as dressing the look up just enough so that you go from weekend relaxing to workday routine. Flats are the new black this fall, especially the loafer variety - add a fun twist with polka dots and embellishments. Throw a school like bag over your shoulder to carry those newspapers in, don a pair of Warby Parker glasses (whether you need them or not) and people will be asking you to explain the debt ceiling.

7 Summer Frocks You Can Wear Through Fall

7 summer frocks Summer time always makes me want to purchase new, cute sun dresses. Of course, sun dresses normally have a short wearing season, so in order to maximize the investment I've rounded up 7 Summer Frocks that will transition right through fall. The best part about them is you get the instant gratification of wearing them now, and the budget friendly knowledge that they aren't just for summertime.

Catch the space age trend with the My Moon My Plan Dress in plus size. It's cool enough for a summer evening spent under the stars and when those days start to get shorter and the nights longer pair it with black leggings and kitten heels for fall worthy feel.

Try your hand at mixing patterns, florals and space age blend beautifully on the Cosmic Bloom Dress. The mesh top keeps it summer time cool and when the flowers stop blooming through on black stockings and boots to keep summers blush through the fall.

For a casual, and cute look the Tabby Road Dress can't be beat. Cats have gone viral these days so show your support with this easy shift during the summer months and when fall comes cozy up with a cable knit cardigan and tights.

Stay with the maxi trend this summer in this Marrakesh Maxi - color blocked and striped. Perfect for throwing on after a day in the sun to keep the evening chill at bay, add a chunky knit cardigan and boots for a snuggly fall feel.

Blooming buds continue to trend for summer and when paired with optic black and white stripes the effect is stunning. This Floral Dimension Dress is made for flip flops or strappy sandals in the warmer weather and electric blue tights with black heels as fall settles in.

Staying with the optic trend try a strapless like this Fast Forward Dress for summer dance parties. When chillier weather hits, add a shrunken cardi, pearls at the neck, and black patent heels for an evening soiree.

Color blocking as a trend, is sticking around so embrace the look with this easy Love Shift Dress. Throw it on for an easy summer brunch, add knee high boots and a sweater for a day at the office this fall.

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

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Wardrobe Wednesday - Guys and their Red, White and Blue

Guys-4thofJulyGuys, are you wondering if you can rock the red, white and blue all year round. Check out our stylish pieces perfect for a July 4th BBQ or firework extravaganza that you won't have to hide in the back of your closet when July 5th roles around.
Pair them together or separately for a patriotic and stylish day.
Happy 4th of July!

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

Wardrobe Wednesday - Pool Party

JUne 20th marked the official first day of summer and to celebrate our favorite season Skout had a work from pool party day! While this is super awesome it also brought up a few questions for Skoutinista, most importantly what to wear for a "work" pool day. Because let's face it, what you are going to wear to the pool at the Raleigh in South Beach or The Rooftop at the Standard Hotel in LA is definitely different then what you want to hang with coworkers in, well hopefully it is. So check out these pool party basics, that do double duty-lounge away and answer emails to your hearts content.

Pool Day

Sunglasses are key whether working or playing in the sun (plus they make it harder for the boss to tell if you're snoozing away the afternoon ;)

Don't feel like wearing a bathing suit,no worries, try a strapless romper or maxi dress. Both keep you cool with no strap lines while hanging by the pool.

Wether you are cooling off in the shallow end of the pool, or taking  turn on the water slide, try a simple black bikini, or a patterned one piece for cool but appropriate look (leave the brazilian cut at home-your coworkers don't need that image).

Don a cowboy hat to keep your face shaded and ease squinting at the expense report.

As the afternoon sets in  pop on a white tank and cutoffs over your suit for a relaxed and comfortable brainstorm.

Last but not least keep your feel from getting to toasty when you get up to grab a drink with a pair of cute flats.

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Speed Racer Inspired

Go-Kart NikGirls, does your guy like to drive fast? Do you think you have what it takes to beat him on the track? Maybe you fancy yourself in the ranks of Sebastian Vettel or are you team Hamilton? Well start your engines and head off for a fun filled afternoon of speed and turns at a Go Kart Track near you. Pit your skills against your friends as you test your driving prowess with speed trials and even head-to-head racing. Who will be victorious? But wait, what’s a girl to wear for a day of Go-Kart fun? Never fear, Skoutinista has got your racing approved gear. Whether you are putting the pedal to the metal or just cheering from the stands, these outfits will take you from track to trophy celebration with the wave of the checkered flag.

Racing Fan

It’s pretty warm under those snazzy racing jumpsuits so be prepared to beat the heat with patterned shorts and a black muscle tee. Don’t feel like racing? Cheer the drivers on with fan worthy attire that's camera ready for when you are next to the podium!

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

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Black and White with Spots All Over

Today my dear Fashion seekers we are going to tackle two trends as well as how to go from work to play with minimal effort! Right now black and white is hot, hot, hot. Everyone is showing it in a myriad of different ways. There is color blocking, graphic prints and  just plain black and white. Another trend sweeping through designer and retail alike is polka dots, and when you combine the two trends…heads will turn! I recently had someone chat me on Skout and ask what she could wear to work that then would look fun, and yes, sexy, for a date the same evening. She did not have time to go home and change between the two so she was looking for something that could go day to night, and look appropriate for both.

I immediately thought why not take a trend or two and stitch them to your specifications.


Try a sheer black and white polka dot blouse like the one above for a great for a peekaboo feel in the evening, just make sure you pair it with a black camisole (try American Apparel for a simple one) underneath for a daytime work appropriate look. I also think a black cardigan over it is a soft touch and keeps the chill of office air conditioning off your shoulders. Depending on your work environment, either skinny black jeans or a black skirt for the bottom with white ballet flats during the day. As you leave the office and head to meet your date slip on a pair of black high heeled sandals (make sure your pedicure is fresh) and you are good to go.

Want to try the above outfit - I've got the hook up!

Sheer Blouse

Asymmetrical Skirt

Skinny Black Jeans


Hot Metal Flat

Vanish Sandal

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist


Mother's Day Fashion

Mother’s Day is Sunday and whether you are seeing your own mom or a significant other’s mom, or both it’s a day when you should look “mom appropriate”. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your own style. There are plenty of ways to incorporate more mom-approved items into your repertoire without sacrificing your individuality. Maybe try a pretty skirt with a crisp, white t-shirt for brunch or a sundress for an afternoon get together, through a cardigan over your shoulders to keep the chill away. Going out to dinner to celebrate mom? Pair a tea length pencil skirt with a button up shirt or blouse and you are set.

Skoutinista-050813-Mothers day

Click below to purchase these mom approved options and don't forget the flowers!

Skoutinista - Your Skout Stylist

Wardrobe Wednesday - Mother's Day Brunch: Guy Style

Today is May 1st, which means 11 days until Mother’s day, and that most likely means there is a brunch in your future. So guys listen up: whether it’s your mother or the new love of your life’s mother you cannot show up looking like you just rolled out of bed. Give the mom in your life a double gift this Mother’s Day, spend time with her and look presentable.

We all know that sometimes what we think looks good differs from what our moms would like us to wear.  Look, you don’t have to completely loose your sense of style, just tweak it a little for mom’s sensibility. It is her day after all. Try a pair of khakis instead of baggy jeans, a button up instead of a t-shirt-it's the small things that count.

Grab this whole look, or a combo and make mom’s day even better!




As always, send me your fashion quandaries and I’ll get you the answer!

Wednesday Wardrobe - Festival Styling

Wondering what to wear when you meet up with your Skout friends face to face? Well, it depends on where you are meeting! Never fear because we’ve got you covered with a new weekly column: Wednesday Wardrobe. Whether you’re a guy or girl check in each week to see what stylistic choices we have for you. Nasty Gal Festival Outfit

This week, Skoutinista is all about festivals. Are heading to the second weekend of Coachella, or just want to look like you are? Skoutinista’s got your festival worthy outfit right here. Copy the whole look, or just pieces, whichever you decide your Skout friends will think you are looking fab when you post a pic of yourself in festival style to Buzz.

Long sleeve Shirt



Zodiac Muscle Tee



Have a special event and don’t know what to wear? Chat Skoutinista on Skout or leave your question in the comments below.

Happy Skouting…