Wardrobe Wednesday: Jean Skirts

082113-JeanSkirts It's back to school season, which gets me to thinking about fall, which in turn makes me start thinking about transition clothes. Don't get me wrong, I love summer weather but my heart belongs to fall fashion. So to get started thinking autumn garb I've got a round up of jean skirts this week.

Denim is the perfect transistion fabric, and with the ubiqutous nature of denim these days it is appropriate for a wide range of situations and activities. I love a good denim skirt because it is perfect for the end of summer but transitions nicely into fall with tights. Casual or dressed up a denim skirt is an excellent option for your late summer into fall wardrobe.

Pencil skirts are quite in trend for fall, so why not try a denim pencil skirt?

Dark denim adds a polished feel that can work from day to evening. Try a knee length button front denim pencil skirt,  or for an allusion to the moto trend try a shorter style with zippers, pair both with a crisp white button up and you are good to go. A faded indigo pencil skirt is a classic to have in your wardrobe, paired with a tee or sweater and boots this is a go to skirt.

The classic denim skirt is alive and well in different washes with numerous embellishments. There are front button styles, classic above the knee, and dark orlight minis. All play double duty as stand outs for end of summer bbq attire that transitions into fall with the addition of tights and a sweater.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Evening News


Newspapers are normally the ones who report the news, but as of late, it seems they are the news. The number of papers that have changed hands recently, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and Newsweek to name a few, speaks to hopefully a renewed interest in returning these bastions of the printed word to their rightful place in our consciousness. So whether you read the paper daily or just want to look like you do, Skoutinista's got your "geek chic" that will carry you through the air conditioned newsrooms of summer, straight into the fall election coverage.

Denim is ubiquitous these days so don't be shy. These slim boyfriends from Asos are a stylish choice that will take you from the end of summer days into fall and even winter. A girly girl blouse adds a sweetness, as well as dressing the look up just enough so that you go from weekend relaxing to workday routine. Flats are the new black this fall, especially the loafer variety - add a fun twist with polka dots and embellishments. Throw a school like bag over your shoulder to carry those newspapers in, don a pair of Warby Parker glasses (whether you need them or not) and people will be asking you to explain the debt ceiling.

Wardrobe Wednesday: Speed Racer Inspired

Go-Kart NikGirls, does your guy like to drive fast? Do you think you have what it takes to beat him on the track? Maybe you fancy yourself in the ranks of Sebastian Vettel or are you team Hamilton? Well start your engines and head off for a fun filled afternoon of speed and turns at a Go Kart Track near you. Pit your skills against your friends as you test your driving prowess with speed trials and even head-to-head racing. Who will be victorious? But wait, what’s a girl to wear for a day of Go-Kart fun? Never fear, Skoutinista has got your racing approved gear. Whether you are putting the pedal to the metal or just cheering from the stands, these outfits will take you from track to trophy celebration with the wave of the checkered flag.

Racing Fan

It’s pretty warm under those snazzy racing jumpsuits so be prepared to beat the heat with patterned shorts and a black muscle tee. Don’t feel like racing? Cheer the drivers on with fan worthy attire that's camera ready for when you are next to the podium!

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