Give Back, Drink a Negroni

Our resident Mixologist, Mikey, recently informed us it’s Negroni Week. What is a Negroni you may ask and why has there been an entire week set aside to celebrate it? Well, the Negroni is a yummy cocktail that is super easy to make and enjoy with a group of friends. Negroni Week was started as a way to raise money for local charities around the world. Learn more about Negroni Week here.

To celebrate, we’d like to share Mikey’s Negroni-making expertise with you!


  • 1 oz Campari
  • 1 oz gin
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth


  • Orange peel


Add all the ingredients to a double old fashioned glass and fill with ice. Stir until well chilled. Express an orange peel over the drink and drop it in. Check out our Instagram video for the tutorial!

Treat Your Friends to Mint Juleps

Celebrate Mint Julep Day on Monday, May 28, by mixing this delicious concoction for your friends!

We asked our resident mixologist, Mikey, for his take on the Mint Julep.

Follow this recipe:



  • 2 oz Kentucky Bourbon
  • .25 oz simple syrup
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 2 drops bitters (optional, but you should definitely try it with bitters)


In a julep cup, lightly muddle the mint and simple syrup. Add the Bourbon and fill with crushed ice. Stir until the outside of the julep cup is frosted. Add more crushed ice to fill the cup completely. Add a couple of drops of bitters, if desired. Garnish with a mint sprig.

For a non-alcoholic version of the Mint Julep, substitute the Bourbon for unsweetened iced tea.  



  • 2 oz unsweetened iced tea
  • .25 oz simple syrup
  • 8 mint leaves


In a julep cup, lightly muddle the mint and simple syrup. Add the iced tea and fill with crushed ice. Stir until the outside of the julep cup is frosted. Add more crushed ice to fill the cup completely. Garnish with a mint sprig.

In addition to entertaining your friends with Mint Julep cocktails, you can give your favorite Skouters Mint Julep Gifts available for free all day on the 28th in the Beverages category of the Gift Store!

Click here to learn how to give a gift to a Skouter.

Skouters Provide Burger Inspiration for Hamburger Day

May 28 is Hamburger Day! Join the fun by grabbing your friends for a night out at your favorite burger joint.  

How do you prefer your burger - well done, medium, medium-well? Do you take your burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard… all of the above? Or are you do you tend to stick with veggie burgers?

To answer some of these impending questions, we asked Skouters how they like their burgers. The answers will definitely make your mouth water.

“For juicier burgers, flip the patty only once, and don’t cover the grill or pan.” — SkoutID: kzykzy

“I use Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, season salt and mix it together. Sometimes I will throw in ketchup or hot sauce.” — SkoutID: curlysue79

“I like adding chipotle hot sauce to give it a smoky flavor!” — SkoutID: Bianca

“My bro puts fried garlic chips on burgers. I love ’em!” — SkoutID: Eric

“Mix ground chuck with coconut milk and one egg white. Grill patties with a slice of pineapple to make Hawaiian burgers.” — SkoutID: dwbpd

“Jalapeño burgers are good!” — SkoutID: corepowww

“I found these really delicious!” — SkoutID: aviva1dan

“One things I like to do is make stuffed burgers with an onion, mushroom and bell pepper saute. And don’t forget to butter up them buns and toast them on the grill — you’ll thank me a bunch later.” — SkoutID: omars30

“I love my burgers with cheese, salsa and mayonnaise, so it doesn’t hurt to experiment.” — SkoutID: dreamgirl34

“Breaded banana peppers, fried pickles or French’s onions and Frank’s red hot sauce mixed in the meat.” — SkoutID: bluecandi33

“Bacon.” — SkoutID: live4everfloris

We’re honoring Hamburger Day with free Hamburger Gifts! You can find this deliciousness in the Food Court category of the Gift Store.

Giving a gift to another Skouter is easy! Learn how.

Celebrate the Superhero in All of Us!

In celebration of National Superhero Day, we conducted a super-hero inspired survey with more than 4,000 Skouters asking them about their favorite superheros. We were overjoyed to learn three out of four members of the SKOUT community say helping others in need is what makes a superhero, and nearly 80% say they want to be a superhero in real life. Check out more super stats from our survey:


America’s favorite superhero is…

  • Well, it depends on whom you ask... Women said Batman. Men said Superman.

Which supervillain wins the popularity contest?

  • Women prefer Catwoman and men prefer the Joker.

Batman and Robin are the best superhero BFFs.

  • More than half of people surveyed (53%) said Batman and Robin are their favorite superhero friends.
  • 19% said The Thing and Human Torch are their fave friend duo, 16% prefer Green Hornet and Kato, and 12% said the Wonder Twins make the best squad.

Immortality is the most wished for superpower.

  • When asked which superpower they wish they had, 1 out of 3 people surveyed said immortality.
  • 29% said the ability to fly, 22% said superhuman strength and 17% said superspeed.

The Batmobile is the best superhero ride.

  • 49% of people surveyed said they would pick the Batmobile if they could have any superhero vehicle.
  • 20% would choose Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane, 20% would prefer the X-Men’s Blackbird and 12% would pick The Green Hornet’s Black Beauty.

A mask is a must-have superhero accessory.

  • 57% of people surveyed said a mask is the most important superhero accessory, 19% said a cape, 14% said a ring, and 10% said a cool belt.

Nearly 80% of people want to be a superhero in real life. Here’s what it takes…

  • 44% of people surveyed said selflessness, 37% said no fear, 11% said technology and 8% said money.


Being a superhero in real life isn’t as far-fetched as people may think it is. In honor of National Superhero Day, we are partnering with Make-A-Wish® Greater Bay Area to grant a wish to a child in need of a superhero.

Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy. In 2016 Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area celebrates 32 years fulfilling magical wishes!

You can help Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area continue their incredible work granting wishes by giving your fellow Skouters a Superhero Gift! For every Superhero Gift given, SKOUT will make a donation to Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area until we have reached our goal of granting a wish. Superhero Gifts can be found in the Superhero Day category of the Gift Store.


Sending a Superhero Gift will help bring joy to a child who needs it more than ever. Help us make a wish come true for a child who needs a real-life superhero. Learn how to give a gift to a Skouter.

Inspired to do more? In addition to giving a Superhero Gift, you can donate directly to the cause and volunteer with your local chapter of Make-A-Wish!



Is your squad worth superhero swag? Let’s find out! Post a picture of you and your squad with the hashtag #besuper to the Buzz. The Grand Prize winner will receive a SKOUT National Superhero Day T-shirt! Runners-up will get 500 points added to their account!



SKOUT Success: Justin and Friends

“I’m honestly not too sociable of a person,” Justin told us. So his friends encouraged him to try SKOUT. Once Justin joined SKOUT, he made a few Buzz posts and started meeting some cool people. Now Justin chats with a handful of SKOUT friends on a regular basis.

skout success justin

skout success justin

“I call one every now and again,” Justin says, “and just have a good time doing what we love: gaming.

“Without SKOUT, I wouldn't have as many friends. I owe it to you for helping me meet Milly, Jess, Nathan and Kaley. I appreciate having this app and it making a difference in my life.”

Have you made new friends on SKOUT? Please email us at

SKOUT Success: Faith and Jakob

“I have made so many friends on here, and my experience has been amazing!” Jakob told us. One friend Jakob made in particular is Faith. They noticed each other on Buzz and started chatting.

Skout Success Jakob and Faith

Skout Success Jakob and Faith

“We talk most of the time,” Jakob says, and the two friends plan to meet in person someday.

“Thank you so much for this app!” Jakob says.

Have you met new people on SKOUT? Please email us at

Celebrate the Importance of Laughter


April 1 kicks off National Humor Month! We’re celebrating by emphasizing the importance of laughter in our everyday lives. It’s true -- laughter is the best medicine. Anyone who’s ever watched a cat video on YouTube after a bad day knows this. But, did you know laughing can help you make more friends?

After examining a sampling of Skouters’ profile pictures, we found Skouters who share a profile picture of themselves laughing have their profile favorited 404% more times and make 324% more connections with others than the average Skouter. Laughter is contagious, and it certainly seems like people want to be friends with someone who has a good sense of humor.


In addition to reviewing profile pictures, we surveyed more than 3,000 Skouters throughout the U.S. to learn their thoughts on humor and friendship. Highlights from the survey include:

We crack ourselves up.

  • 75% of people surveyed think they are funny.
  • People with a witty sense of humor are most likely to think they are funny (81%).

We enjoy laughing with friends.

  • 94% of people surveyed say they enjoy making other people laugh.
  • People who say their style of humor is slapstick are most likely to enjoy making others laugh (98%).

Practical jokers attract more friends.

  • Practical jokers and people who say “bathroom humor” is their style are most likely to have five or more close friends.
  • Least likely to have five or more close friends are people with a sarcastic or self-deprecating sense of humor.

Not everyone laughs at clowns.

  • 30% of people surveyed say they are afraid of clowns.
  • People with a sarcastic sense of humor are most likely (37%) to be afraid of clowns.

Women will pass on the chick flick -- they prefer comedy films!

  • Comedy movies trumped all other genres among women surveyed, with 26% of women preferring comedy vs. 23% who prefer action-adventure, 21% who prefer horror and 18% who prefer romantic films.
  • While 43% of men said they prefer action-adventure, comedy came in as the second most popular genre (21%).

Looking to laugh it up with the locals? Here’s where to go...

  • New Yorkers and San Franciscans are most confident (83%) that they are funny.
  • Houstonians want you to have a good time -- 100% of Houstonians surveyed say they enjoy making others laugh. 98% of Angelenos and Atlantans say the same.

Cards Against Humanity is a popular game among people with large groups of friends.

  • More than 50% of people with 5 to 9 friends enjoy playing this card game with their friends.


Throughout Humor Month, we’ll be giving away one of the following gifts each week: HAHA, JAJA, Laughing Monkey and Laughing Panda. These Gifts can be found in the Humor category of the Gift Store. Stay tuned for the free Gift of the week!


The simple act of giving a Gift to a fellow Skouter can really brighten their day. Click here to learn how!


Let the data speak for itself! Skouters who have a profile picture of themselves laughing make more connections than those who don’t!

We want to see a picture of you laughing! Post a picture of yourself laughing to the Buzz with the hashtag #LOL. We’ll choose our favorites and give them 500 Points!



Celebrate Love and Life During Holi

Today, March 24, marks the celebration of Holi - the festival of colors. A spring festival, primarily celebrated in India, Nepal and other regions of the world with a significant population of Hindus, Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil and is a means for many to forgive and forget, meet new people and enjoy life. During Holi, the streets come alive with vivid colors as festival goers douse one another with powdered color pigments while singing and dancing. The celebration itself is a work of art and a magnificent display of love and appreciation for the human spirit.



Even if you’re not in a part of the world where Holi is celebrated, you can travel virtually to India and check out the festivities! Meet locals who partake in the festival and join the fun with them using SKOUT Travel.

Happy International Women's Day!


In honor of International Women’s Day, we would like to recognize all the women in the SKOUT community for being you.

You are strong, confident, shy, sexy, modest, compassionate, brave, creative, smart, intuitive, hard-working, head-strong, a friend, a lover, a giver, a shaker… whatever you are, be yourself. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you need to conceal who you are. Express yourself, stand up for yourself and be proud to be a woman!

Do you know any awesome ladies you’d like to appreciate today? Give them a gift! Click here to learn how. Happy International Women’s Day!

Celebrate National Potato Chip Day With SKOUT!

SKOUT National Potato Chip Day Infographic
SKOUT National Potato Chip Day Infographic

National Potato Chip Day is on the 14th of March, and to celebrate, we surveyed more than 3,000 Skouters across the United States to find out what their favorite potato chip flavor reveals about them. Are you a Hot and Spicy chip lover or a BBQ chip lover? Find out what your chip preferences say about you!

96% of people say they like potato chips. Well, obviously people like potato chips… But, here’s the interesting part:


Lime/Citrus chip lovers have the most friends!

  • 42% of people who prefer lime/citrus chips have 5 or more close friends.

Hot & Spicy in the bag = hot & spicy in the bedroom.

  • People who prefer hot and spicy chip flavors (including jalapeno, cajun and other spicy varieties) are most likely (47%) to say they are adventurous in the bedroom.

Lime/Citrus chip lovers have the most sex!

  • 19% of people who prefer lime/citrus chips say they have sex every day!

Men are from Mars, and women and from Venus. Maybe so, but they have a couple of things in common when it comes to potato chips.

  • Males and females between the ages of 21 and 30 are fans of Hot and Spicy potato chips. And, according to the results above, this means they’re more adventurous in the bedroom!
  • Males and females over 50 prefer Plain chips. Perhaps the older you get, the more you think a potato should simply taste like a potato.

Some chip lovers hit the gym more than others…

  • Low/No Salt chip fans exercise most frequently, with 14% saying they do so every day.
  • Least likely to exercise at all are people who prefer Plain chips (28%) and Cheddar chips (26%).

Late-night snacking, with Jimmy Fallon. When asked which late-night comedian they would most want to share a bag of chips with, Jimmy Fallon gained the most votes.

  • 39% for Jimmy Fallon
  • 22% for Jimmy Kimmel
  • 12% for Stephen Colbert
  • 11% for Seth Meyers
  • 7% for Trevor Noah
  • 5% each for John Oliver and James Corden

Speaking of personalities, let’s pop open a bag and see where the political chips fall…

Hillary – she’s all that and a bag of chips! When asked which Democratic candidate they would most want to share a bag of potato chips with, people (of all political persuasions) weighed in:

  • 57% of people say they would prefer to share a bag of chips with Hillary Clinton.
  • 43% of people say they would prefer to share a bag of chips with Bernie Sanders.

On the Republican side, people most want to share their snack with Donald Trump.

  • When asked which Republican candidate they would most want to share a bag of potato chips with, Donald Trump got the most votes (33%) among people of all political persuasions. (As you can see below, when we conducted our survey the field of Republican contenders was wider than it is today.)

The Republican potato chip flavor poll results are in…

  • Donald Trump fans are most likely to prefer BBQ chips.
  • Marco Rubio fans are most likely to prefer Lime/Citrus chips.
  • Ted Cruz fans are most likely to prefer Cheddar chips.
  • John Kasich fans are most likely to prefer No/Low Salt chips.



In honor of National Potato Chip Day, SKOUT is partnering with our local SF-Marin Food Bank to help our local community fight hunger. With the help of donations and volunteers, the SF-Marin Food Bank provides food assistance to an average of 30,000 homes a week across the San Francisco and Marin counties.

Did you know that 1 in 4 kids in San Francisco and Marin counties is at risk of hunger? Last year, Skouters helped us raise enough money to serve 10,000 children with the SF-Marin Food Bank in honor of National Grilled Cheese Day.

This year, you can help us double our goal to try to serve 20,000 children! On National Potato Chip Day, SKOUT will donate to the SF-Marin Food Bank every time you give a Potato Chip Gift to another Skouter. Potato Chip Gifts can be found in the Potato Chip Day category of the Gift Store. If you’re not sure how to give a gift to a Skouter, click here to learn.


On March 3, SKOUT employees volunteered at the SF-Marin Food Bank to provide meals for families across both counties. In three hours, we packed 700 pounds of food. That’s the equivalent of 583 meals!


Interested in how you can help fight hunger?

  • In the Bay Area? The SF-Marin Food Bank is always looking for volunteers! Check out their volunteering opportunities.
  • Don’t have time to volunteer? You can always donate! For every $1 you donate, the SF-Marin Food Bank can donate $5 worth of food!
  • If you don’t live in the Bay Area, find a local food bank near you to learn how you can help out your local community.

SKOUT helps you meet new people around the world, but we also want to help you connect with your local community. Find a food bank near you to learn about opportunities for you to help and make a difference.


Celebrate National Potato Chip Day with SKOUT! Post a picture of you or you and your friends eating your favorite flavor of potato chips to the Buzz with the hashtag #SkoutChips. The Grand Prize winner will receive a SKOUT National Potato Chip Day T-shirt! Runners-up will get 500 points added to their account!



SKOUT Success: Joyce and Gilbert


For Joyce and Gilbert, the path to love ended happily when they used Skout’s Shake to Chat feature to meet new people. Both of them signed up for SKOUT to find a love interest and were members of the community for about a month each before finding each other.

Joyce is from the United States, and Gilbert is from Scotland, which is why they can only describe their connection via Shake to Chat as fate. “We know that it was divine intervention that had us both ‘shaking’ our phones at the same time 3,500 miles apart from each other,” says Joyce. “We hit it off right away and chatted for a few hours that first night. We talked every single day after that and immediately stopped chatting with others. We both knew we had ‘the one.’”

They chatted, emailed and Skyped for nine months before Gilbert flew to the United States to meet Joyce in person. A few months later, they got married! It’s been a year and a half since they met on SKOUT, and they’ve created a blog documenting their life together. Check it out!

Have you met that special someone on SKOUT or have a friendship story you’d like to share with us? Send us an email at

The Force Is Strong With This Skouter

We all enjoy positivity in our lives, which is why it’s refreshing to see someone leading by example. Skouter Darth Lego (SKOUT ID: legolego) uses his Buzz feed as a way to shine a little light on his fellow Skouters. By combining two of his interests, Legos and Star Wars, he’s created quite the unique Buzz feed and racked up more than 70 favorites from adoring Skouters.

“The biggest thing behind the posts is to make people smile and hopefully have a laugh,” he explains. He’s certainly achieved his goal! It’s hard not to smile when you see his posts.


Darth Lego has been a member of the SKOUT community for about two years now. He enjoys making people happy and wants to continue meeting new people. So, if you’re looking for a good laugh and friendly conversation, check out his profile and introduce yourself! You can even favorite him to keep up with his hilarious posts.

If you’re new to SKOUT and are looking for more Buzz inspiration, click here.

Great Job #Skoutkind Winners!


During Random Acts of Kindness Week, we held a contest asking you to post the best random act of kindness you’ve received or done for others. We were so overwhelmed with the amount of entries we chose not one, not two, but four winners! Congrats to the following Skouters who received 500 Points each!

“I spent the last amount of cash I had on me on a meal and gave it to a homeless man.” - SkoutID: marcus569

“I was standing in line at the store and the lady in front of me didn’t have enough to pay for her items, so I paid for her.” - SkoutID: sexylatessa

“A while ago I offered to pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor.” - SkoutID: llirne013

“Every three months I pack a plastic bin with clothes for the upcoming season, easy-open can goods, a case of water, blankets, backpacks, personal care products, gift cards and a letter of encouragement. I drop the bin off at different homeless encampments in my area. I often speak with the people and offer a group prayer. This is not something I do for recognition but it is something I do to offer a little light in their darkest hour. I encourage you to try it!” - SkoutID: sweetmickii

We’d also like to give a shout-out to our honorable mentions!

“I sent some gifts to old friends who weren’t expecting anything just to put a smile on each of their faces.”

“Today I saw a homeless man holding a sign up that said, ‘please help money/food needed,’ so I walked up to him and gave him the last five dollar bill I had then I went home and grabbed some old blankets while my grandma made some food for him and when I brought it back to him he said thank you. After that I felt pretty happy with myself.”

“I go to school downtown and I always see this homeless man. I've kinda adopted him as my Pop-Pop. Every time I see him I always give him something even if I'm dead broke. He's so sweet and a really nice person. I wish I could do more.”

Thank you to everyone who participated! We are truly inspired by the kind acts you do for others; keep it up!

Stay tuned for future hashtag competitions!

Heart Balloons for Everyone!


It’s that time of year again to celebrate LOVE! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or Palentine’s Day (If Palentine’s Day isn’t a thing already, it is now!), share a Heart Balloons gift! This gift is perfect for any friend or love interest and can be found in the Gift Store in the Hearts category. Heart Balloons are free through Valentine’s Day!

Want to learn how to share the love with a gift? Tap here.

Welcome Malay and Vietnamese to the SKOUT Community!

We’re excited to announce our app is now available in Malay and Vietnamese on Android! In order to begin using SKOUT in Malay or Vietnamese, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone. After you have installed the most recent version of SKOUT, you will need to change the default language of your phone to either Malay or Vietnamese. Stay tuned for iOS! Follow These Steps:


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Language & input’.
  2. Select ‘Language’.
  3. Select ‘Malay’ or ‘Vietnamese’.


  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Language & Region’.
  2. Select ‘Language’.
  3. Select ‘Malay’ or ‘Vietnamese’.

Once you’ve changed the language in your phone settings to Malay or Vietnamese, you’re all set to start Skouting in Malay or Vietnamese! SKOUT will automatically translate into Malay or Vietnamese once you’ve designated one or the other as the default language on your phone.



New Malaysian and Vietnamese gifts are in the Gift Store, including the Malaysian and Vietnamese flag! Introduce yourself to a fellow Skouter by sharing a Vietnamese or Malaysian gift.


Tap here to learn how to give a Gift in Skout.


Chào mừng các bạn Việt Nam đến với Cộng đồng SKOUT!

Chúng tôi rất phấn khởi được thông báo rằng ứng dụng của chúng tôi hiện đã có tiếng Việt! Để bắt đầu sử dụng SKOUT bằng tiếng Việt, chắc chắn rằng bạn đã cài đặt phiên bản mới nhất của ứng dụng trên điện thoại. Sau khi bạn cài đặt phiên bản mới nhất của SKOUT, bạn cần thay đổi ngôn ngữ mặc định của điện thoại sang tiếng Việt. Thực hiện theo các bước sau:


  1. Vào ‘Cài đặt’ và chọn ‘Ngôn ngữ & nhập thông tin’.
  2. Chọn ‘Ngôn ngữ’.
  3. Chọn ‘Tiếng Việt’.


  1. Vào ‘Cài đặt’ và chọn ‘Ngôn ngữ & Vùng’.
  2. Chọn ‘Ngôn ngữ’.
  3. Chọn ‘Tiếng Việt’.

Sau khi bạn đã thay đổi ngôn ngữ trong cài đặt điện thoại của mình sang tiếng Việt, bạn được cài đặt tất cả để bắt đầu Skouting bằng tiếng Việt! SKOUT sẽ tự động chuyển ngữ sang tiếng Việt sau khi bạn đã ấn định thành ngôn ngữ mặc định trên điện thoại của bạn.



Món quà Việt mới trong Cửa Hàng Quà Tặng, bao gồm cờ Việt Nam! Tự giới thiệu bạn với bạn bè Skouter bằng cách chia sẻ móng quà Việt.


Chạm vào đây để tìm hiểu cách tặng Quà trong SKOUT.

Mengalu-alukan Bahasa Melayu ke Komuniti SKOUT!

Kami teruja untuk mengumumkan bahawa aplikasi kami kini tersedia dalam Bahasa Melayu. Bagi memulakan penggunaan SKOUT dalam Bahasa Melayu, pastikan anda telah memasang versi terkini aplikasi ini pada telefon anda. Setelah anda memasang versi terbaru SKOUT, anda perlu menukar bahasa lalai telefon anda kepada Bahasa Melayu. Ikuti Langkah-langkah Berikut:

  1. Pergi ke ‘Tetapan’ dan pilih ‘Bahasa & input’.
  2. Pilih ‘Bahasa’.
  3. Pilih ‘Bahasa Melayu’.


  1. Pergi ke ‘Tetapan’ dan pilih ‘Bahasa & Rantau’.
  2. Pilih ‘Bahasa’.
  3. Pilih ‘Bahasa Melayu’.

Sebaik sahaja anda menukar bahasa dalam tetapan telefon anda ke Bahasa Melayu, anda sudah sedia untuk mula menggunakan Skout dalam Bahasa Melayu! SKOUT akan menterjemah ke dalam Bahasa Melayu secara automatik sebaik sahaja anda menetapkannya sebagai bahasa lalai pada telefon anda.



Hadiah baharu untuk warga Malaysia terdapat di Kedai Hadiah, termasuk bendera Malaysia! Perkenalkan diri anda kepada teman Skouter dengan berkongsi hadiah warga Malaysia.


Ketik di sini untuk mengetahui cara untuk memberi Hadiah di SKOUT.

Be Extra Kind This Week

SKOUT_RandomActsofKindess_v1b (1)
SKOUT_RandomActsofKindess_v1b (1)

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 14th-20th, we surveyed Skouters to find out how important it is to perform random acts of kindness. More than 2,700 people took the survey and commented on the importance of everything from opening a door for someone to giving food to a person in need. The most heartwarming result from the survey was that 65% of our community perform a random act of kindness every day!

Highlights from the survey include:

Most people perform a random act of kindness on a daily or weekly basis.

  • 65% of people surveyed say they perform a random act of kindness daily, and 83% say they randomly do something kind for someone at least once per week.

People don’t need a hidden agenda to be kind.

  • Most people surveyed (56%) perform random acts of kindness because it makes them feel good.
  • Only 1% of those surveyed perform an act of kindness with the hope of financial gain.

Unexpected kindness from strangers makes people smile.

  • 93% of people surveyed say they have done a random act of kindness for a stranger.
  • 62% of people say they appreciate unexpected kindness from strangers even more than when friends and family do the same.

Digital acts of kindness are appreciated too!

  • 67% of people say they have randomly done something kind for someone online, such as sending an unexpected text or virtual gift, or posting a compliment on social media.

Kindness comes from all walks of life.

  • In looking at who performs random acts of kindness regularly, the survey showed very little difference between genders, income ranges and age groups.

Drumroll for the 10 most meaningful random acts of kindness ranked from most meaningful to least…

  1. Don’t just leave a 15-20% tip at a restaurant; leave a more-than-generous tip for your wait staff.
  2. Pay it “backward” at a coffee shop or drive-thru.
  3. Hug a friend when they least expect it.
  4. Take flowers to a nursing home and ask that they be delivered to someone who doesn’t get many visitors.
  5. Buy flowers or a piece of chocolate, and give them to someone who looks like they would appreciate it.
  6. Write a nice message on a sticky note and put it where it can be found by somebody else.
  7. Empty your spare change into the charity collection box at your local convenience store. For extra kindness points, break out the dollars!
  8. Send a text to a friend, just thanking them for being your friend.
  9. Hold a door open for someone.
  10. Borrow a friend’s car and fill it up with a full tank of gas.

Hopefully, these results inspire you to join us in stepping up our random acts of kindness game this week and be mindful of helping others on a daily basis. Get out there and make someone’s day!

Digital gifts can definitely put a smile on someone’s face. Tap here to learn how to give a fellow Skouter a gift.


In honor of Random Acts of Kindness week, SKOUT HQ is holding a food drive to help the SF-Marin Food Bank give back to the San Francisco Bay Area community!

With the help of donations and volunteers, the SF-Marin Food Bank provides food assistance to an average of 30,000 homes a week around San Francisco and Marin.

Our barrel is overflowing with donations, including the items the food bank needs the most:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.23.17 PM
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 4.23.17 PM

Skouters, we know giving back to people in need is important to you. We encourage you to donate to your local food bank!

If you’re in the Bay Area, you can volunteer or hold your own food drive through the SF-Marin Food Bank.


Are you one of the 65% of people who perform a random act of kindness every day? Have you recently received a meaningful random act of kindness from someone?

We want to hear about those random acts of kindness you’ve received or done for others. Simply post your act of kindness to the Buzz with the hashtag #skoutkind. We’ll choose our favorites and give them 500 Points!


Looking for some good examples? We asked Skouters what the best random acts of kindness are and received several inspiring answers:

“There is a new thing in Iran called ‘wall of kindness’. You hang a jacket on a wall when the weather is cold for people who can't afford one and need one to get warm.”

“On Thanksgiving Day, I fixed a plate of food for a homeless man that lived under a bridge on a road I used to take to work everyday. He was asleep when I showed up, so I left the plate anonymously.”

“This last Christmas, as I was out buying gifts for my family, I bought three toddler outfits and took them to the kids that live down at the train tracks.”

“A lady needed a jump start and had no jumper cables, I gave her a jump start and gave her my cables to keep.”

“I work at Disneyland and one day a family of three came to the park. They didn't know the tickets they bought online were counterfeit. They were about to leave, but I told them they would be my guest here at the park. So I gave them my daily passes.”

“Lady where I work only drinks diet pop; I brought her two liters... just because.”



If you’re wondering how you shouldn’t behave, check out our video explaining the biggest acts of rudeness.

Time for the Big Game!

San Francisco is in a frenzy of excitement gearing up for the Big Game on Sunday! We’re excited to host the teams that will be competing to win the coveted trophy along with millions of fans from across the country. Wherever you’ll be watching the Big Game, you should have a football in tow. Give the Football gift to your fellow Skouters. It’s now free in the Gift Store! You can find the football in the Sports category.


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