Skouters Provide Burger Inspiration for Hamburger Day

May 28 is Hamburger Day! Join the fun by grabbing your friends for a night out at your favorite burger joint.  

How do you prefer your burger - well done, medium, medium-well? Do you take your burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard… all of the above? Or are you do you tend to stick with veggie burgers?

To answer some of these impending questions, we asked Skouters how they like their burgers. The answers will definitely make your mouth water.

“For juicier burgers, flip the patty only once, and don’t cover the grill or pan.” — SkoutID: kzykzy

“I use Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, season salt and mix it together. Sometimes I will throw in ketchup or hot sauce.” — SkoutID: curlysue79

“I like adding chipotle hot sauce to give it a smoky flavor!” — SkoutID: Bianca

“My bro puts fried garlic chips on burgers. I love ’em!” — SkoutID: Eric

“Mix ground chuck with coconut milk and one egg white. Grill patties with a slice of pineapple to make Hawaiian burgers.” — SkoutID: dwbpd

“Jalapeño burgers are good!” — SkoutID: corepowww

“I found these really delicious!” — SkoutID: aviva1dan

“One things I like to do is make stuffed burgers with an onion, mushroom and bell pepper saute. And don’t forget to butter up them buns and toast them on the grill — you’ll thank me a bunch later.” — SkoutID: omars30

“I love my burgers with cheese, salsa and mayonnaise, so it doesn’t hurt to experiment.” — SkoutID: dreamgirl34

“Breaded banana peppers, fried pickles or French’s onions and Frank’s red hot sauce mixed in the meat.” — SkoutID: bluecandi33

“Bacon.” — SkoutID: live4everfloris

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