SKOUT Success Stories From All Over the World

We love hearing about the friendships made on SKOUT! Skouters from all over the world tell us about the friends they’ve made -- whether they’re people nearby whom they now hang out with in person or people in different cities or even countries with whom they chat regularly. One thing they have in common: Most people say they never would have met if it hadn’t been for SKOUT. Have you made new friends on SKOUT? Please email us at


Not only have I met people but I have learned about other cultures because of the wide ethnicity range. It's a very cool experience to talk to someone from another country and hear what goes on there. It's very different, I have to say. And I know that without SKOUT, I wouldn't have been able to meet these awesome people. -Erykka

I’ve met some really cool people on SKOUT. I wish I had found SKOUT a long time ago. -Lisa

I have met lots of good friends, even a best friend, and I’m happy. -Ali

Me and Jay have now known each other for over two years. We met on SKOUT. He was very easy to talk to. -Marshall

I have made friends on here, and it's great. -Amanda

I have met a few people on your site now. I enjoy chatting with them often. -Scott

I met a friend of mine in Texas named Ana. She has became a real close friend, almost like a sister. If it wasn't for SKOUT, I would have never met her. -Phil

I did meet my friend Melanie on SKOUT. I’ve never had anyone laugh at ALL of my jokes. She’s funny. Our phone conversations go on for hours, and there is never a dull moment with her. I really wish I would’ve discovered the SKOUT app sooner than I did! -Nekorb

I never thought I would be so excited to log on to an app! I met my new BFF on SKOUT. Now I have friends, and now I have support. People need people! -Nady

I had joined SKOUT quite a few months ago to meet new people and learn about different cultures. However, I never would have thought that I would meet a lifelong friend. I had started talking to my friend Christian, never thinking that something as amazing as what's happening this summer would happen. We have decided to go visit his family in Denmark, where he is going to show me around his hometown. It's unbelievable what opportunities your app has opened up for me! I have made so many new friends, and I will definitely be using it for a long time to come. It's an amazing way to meet people in countries that you are planning to visit as well as people right in your own backyard. -Jess

I have a wonderful experience with SKOUT meeting new friends, and my friends are polite and awesome. -Tyrese

My best online friends - Bill, Ely, Cadnoff, Grover, Dean, Doug, John, Steven - are all just fingertips away. We talk, laugh, share ideas, knowledge and stories. With them, Skouters, I have proven there IS friendship on the internet. -Grace

All my new friends are fab. -Amy

Having met an amazing group of friends on SKOUT whom I Skype every day has helped me so much. I am much more confident and happy now, all thanks to them being there for me. We have so many inside jokes that are too funny to share. -Mhairi

I have made a best friend from SKOUT. We chat every day, always say good morning and night. It’s tradition now! -Sarah

I'm maybe your biggest success. I have met so many really cool people on SKOUT. I am about to go overseas again and visit four of them, and there are many more I would visit if I could. I am not single, I am meeting friends, and it's really cool. -Warren

I played the Interested? game and found a girl named Riza. We clicked. We became best friends just because we had a lot in common. -Jomaika

Amanda is my soulmate, my best friend. We share a lot, and we laugh together. There is really nothing we don’t talk about. I’m glad I met her. -Tonya

SKOUT is amazing. I've met really cool people. -Shawn

I met a very special friend on SKOUT. We talk on the phone and message each other all the time. She is a real true friend. -Michael

I met my friend Keeley because we both like trucks, football and other sports. I found out that she lives in the town where I used to live. I told her I might be moving back, and she said she can’t wait! -Yovani

Awesome connecting with new friends. I've only been on for a few days, and I already have made some wonderful connections! -Rocky

I started chatting with this guy, and he is so sweet to me! He is such a great friend that now I think of him like a big brother. It gives me comfort in knowing someone really cares! -Jessie

There are many people on SKOUT who are nice and cool. -Sadex

We met on SKOUT because of our love for hockey. We instantly became friends. -Brad

I've meet a lot of people all over the world. -Cherry

I have made an amazing friendship with a man named Greg. I commented on one of his Buzzes. His writings were insightful and intelligent. We had many chats, and he later wrote a poem about my life experiences, and it is something I will cherish forever and a day! Thank you, SKOUT. -PrincessMystery

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