Jade Cycles to Cure Cancer


Skouter Jade’s New Year’s Resolution was to start cycling more, so she picked up a few extra spin classes at her gym, Equinox, which is how she was introduced to Cycle for Survival.

Jade was intrigued to learn 50 percent of all people with cancer are battling a rare form of cancer, but clinical trials and research studies are often underfunded. When she discovered 100 percent of Cycle for Survival funds go directly toward rare-cancer research, she knew she had to contribute.

“It was the perfect opportunity to both do good and get fit at the same time,” she says.

There are several different ways to participate in Cycle for Survival. Jade chose to ride in the Cycle for Survival Challenge, which automatically tallied how many miles she biked in any cycling class for one month. For every 10 miles biked, Equinox would donate $1.

“It was incredibly motivating and inspiring to be cycling alongside other people for a good cause, knowing that the more I pushed myself, the more I’d be helping in the fight against cancer,” she recalls.

Jade biked 305 miles and contributed a total of $30.50.

“Thousands of cyclists all across the country raised a record-breaking total of $30 million this year,” explains Jade with excitement.

Clearly, this is a cause millions can get on board with, and there are several ways to participate, including donating directly to the cause.

We commend Jade for her efforts to fight cancer!

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