SKOUT Success: Jeph and Alex

Skout Success Jeph and Alex

Skout Success Jeph and Alex

Want to learn about different cultures? You can meet people all over the world with SKOUT, just like Jeph and Alex!

Jeph is from the Philippines and Alex from Mexico. They connected on SKOUT several months ago and have been chatting ever since.

Jeph and Alex talk about everything, from the history and similarities of their countries to their families to their careers. There’s never a dull moment in their chats, Jeph says.

“He's been there with me through the toughest and lowliest part of my life,” Jeph says of Alex. “He's there to listen, to give advice and to cheer me up.”

Jeph and Alex keep in touch through chatting and video-calling. They plan to meet in person soon.

“He's a friend that is worth keeping,” Jeph says.

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