Why Is Your SkoutID Important?

Say you’ve hit it off with someone after a nice chat and would like to add them to your Friends list. You’ll need their SkoutID! But, before you look for someone else’s SkoutID, make sure you’ve set up your SkoutID.

Open up your profile and tap “edit.” If you don’t have a SkoutID, it will tell you so in red:


Once you’ve set up your SkoutID, it will be displayed beneath your name on your profile.

Now let’s go ahead and find other Skouters!

Select Find User by SkoutID:


Type in the name of the SkoutID you’re looking for. (Side note: On this screen you can also tap Share My SkoutID, which lets you send your SkoutID to friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and invite them to chat with you on Skout.)


Now you can send a friend request or open up a chat!


Now you have a new friend on SKOUT!