#SkoutLeap Winners Enjoy Their Extra Day!

Leap Day was on Monday, and we asked Skouters how they planned to enjoy their extra day by posting to the Buzz with the hashtag #SkoutLeap. Congrats to the winners, who each received 500 Points!

“My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our first month anniversary on the 29th. Guess what? I met him here on Skout! First month and counting.” - SkoutID: ladyrenner

“I’m going paragliding one more time on Leap Day.” - SkoutID: decodeme


“I am planning to stay at a beach with my Mom; we'll just chill and relax. I just want to be with my Mom because I love her so much.” - SkoutID: llelizalde

“Hanging out with my friends!” - SkoutID: maudsilva