Get Fit February with SKOUT HQ!


February kicks off our SKOUT fitness challenge. Here at SKOUT HQ, we are vowing to exercise more and watch what we eat in order to meet an overall group goal of losing weight while building endurance and strength.

We do this because we love and support each other. But, we also thoroughly enjoy a friendly competition.

Guiding us through this fitness challenge is personal trainer from The Movement SF, Jay Tapanainen. He has a B.S. in Kinesiology from San Diego State University with an emphasis in fitness, health and nutrition. So, we definitely trust him to coach us to be our fittest selves.

Throughout the month, we’ll do a series of performance tests each week to measure:

  • # of times we jump rope in 1 minute
  • # of pushups in 1 minute
  • Distance we can long jump (we get 2 attempts each week)
  • Timed plank

By competing against each other to be stronger and healthier, we become stronger as a team! This is where we pat ourselves on the back and brag that we each stayed in plank position longer than one minute and thirty seconds. Not bad for our first performance test!

Skouters, remember when we asked you what your goals were for 2016? 78% of you resolved to exercise more and 84% of you said you get a better workout when you exercise with a friend! We’re inviting you to join our fitness challenge. Recruit a fellow Skouter to help you meet your goals!

To help motivate each other, share the #1 OF Badge with your friends, now free in the Gift Store under the Badges category.


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