Congrats #SkoutBoost Winners!

Everyone loves a good compliment! We asked Skouters to post the best compliments they’ve received on the Buzz with the hashtag #SkoutBoost. It was difficult for us to choose the winners because there were so many amazing compliments submitted! But, we narrowed it down to four winners and awarded them each 500 points! Congrats Skouters! “The best compliment I've been given is that I'm smarter, braver, stronger and more beautiful than I realize.” - Jamie (SkoutID: ncbabygirl1982)


“Well, aren't you the cutest little dumpling?" - Roger (SkoutID: tinhead)


“The last compliment I got was from my Godfather telling me how proud he was of me because, no matter what happens in my life, I always follow my own course and I don't let others influence this course!” - Jonas (SkoutID: jonasv92)

“One of the best compliments I've ever received: "You're the type of person I need in my life.” - Faith (SkoutID: segov)

Keep your eyes out for more hashtag contests to come!