Celebrate Your Online Friendships!


February 3rd marks the second annual International Online Friendship Day! We kicked off this momentous holiday last year and are psyched to be celebrating it again a second time around!

In this digital age, online friendships are flourishing, and SKOUT is super proud to play a part in helping people make new online friends all over the world! We surveyed more than 23,000 members of our global community to uncover some of the most recent trends in online friendship. Here’s what we found:

More than 75% of people have an online friend they’ve never met in real life.

  • 85% of people surveyed in Australia
  • 83% of people surveyed in Brazil
  • 81% of people surveyed in Mexico
  • 80% of people surveyed in the Philippines and Chile
  • 77% of people surveyed in Argentina
  • 76% of people surveyed in the United States

Miss Popularity award goes to...

  • The United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and Malaysia where over 35% of respondents have more than 10 online friends.

Meeting your online friend in real life sounds like a fabulous idea to…

  • 80% of English people surveyed
  • 81% of Canadians surveyed
  • 84% of Mexicans surveyed
  • 86% of Filipinos surveyed

Online friendships span the globe.

  • 69% of Malaysian and Mexican people surveyed say they have an online friend who lives in a different country
  • 79% of Vietnamese and Costa Rican people surveyed say they have an online friend who lives in a different country
  • 83% of Filipinos surveyed say they have an online friend who lives in a different country

There you have it. Online friendships are increasingly becoming a thing. Even the experts agree!

“Over the past decade, dramatic changes have taken place in the way we live, work and communicate but the need for friendship remains unchanged and essential to our well being,” said psychologist Irene S. Levine, PhD, producer of The Friendship Blog, a popular advice blog that helps people better navigate the murky rules of making and keeping friends. “Online friendships can complement ‘in real life’ ones, providing many of the same vital benefits, such as social support and feelings of connectedness.”

We couldn’t agree more! Whether you’re the newbie in town looking to make new friendships or simply want new people to chat with, you can find genuine friends online.


We’d like to give a special shout-out to our Skouters who shared their success stories with us. Thank you for the stories and enthusiasm about your online friendships!

"I have met two of my best friends on SKOUT. As with all apps you are bound to meet one or two bad seeds, but SKOUT is the one app where meeting great people outweighs meeting bad people. If you are looking for someone local, or if you are looking for someone abroad, there's a little something for everyone." - Aaron, Virginia

"It was really a refreshing and unforgettable experience meeting nice people through SKOUT." - CJ, Philippines

“I thank SKOUT for giving me the opportunity to make friends with people all around the globe.” - Jhelum, India

“I’m from Pakistan and when I moved to New York, I was bored, alone and had no friends. When I started using SKOUT I made a lot of friends in New York and now I feel happy here!” - Aman, New York

“Back in 2014, one of my friends got me to join Skout, she said it was fun so I gave it a try. As soon as I got on I used the "Shake to Chat" feature. The third person I came in contact with was a guy named Matt from New Jersey. We talked for a while! It is now 2016 and I still keep in contact with Matt daily. We plan on meeting up over the summer. I never imagined SKOUT would bring me life long friendships and close, personal interactions with people. I love the app and will continue to use it to make new relationships. Thanks for the experience you have given us Skouters!” - Samantha, Canada

“I have made so many online friends but the best ones are Audrey from France and Manow from Thailand. I’m sure that I will meet them whenever I get a chance!” - Nishit, India

“I started using SKOUT to make good friends and see what was going on around the world. I never thought I would meet a guy and I met my husband! Thank you very much SKOUT!” - Betül, Turkey

If you have a SKOUT success story you’d like to share, shoot us an email at successstories@skout.com.


Back in October of 2014, David (SKOUT ID: davidrf87) joined SKOUT to improve his English skills and meet new people. He used SKOUT Travel to check out the scene in Tokyo and met Yoshimi! They hit it off right away and soon developed an online friendship where they were chatting every day.

Sparks flew and their friendship soon grew into a romantic relationship. Almost a year into their online relationship, David traveled from his home country, Spain, to Tokyo to meet Yoshimi in person.

After spending two months of quality time together in Tokyo, David and Yoshimi got engaged.

“It was the best experience,” boasts David. “Thanks to SKOUT, I have met my future wife!”


If you have a SKOUT success story you’d like to share, shoot us an email at successstories@skout.com.


Skouter Lady Toro (SKOUT ID: ladytoro1) has been making friends on SKOUT for three years. In July 2015, she noticed River (SKOUT ID: river1175) on the Buzz of a mutual friend. “Her sense of humor was spot on, and I knew immediately she was a cool chick,” remembers Lady Toro. River sent Lady Toro a private message, and they clicked right away! “Same sassy and snarky sense of humor,” says Lady Toro.

Lady Toro lives in Amsterdam, and River is thousands of mile away in North Carolina, but they don’t let the time difference get in the way of their friendship. They even plan to meet in person this year!

“She cracks me up so often! We can talk for hours sometimes (and totally forget about the time difference, as it's usually halfway through the night for me). We've been talking about meeting up at some stage this year. I'm not sure yet who goes where, but I'm positive we will meet in person and have a great time together. I have a lot of online friends but never had a bestie like her; she rocks!”


If you have a SKOUT success story you’d like to share, shoot us an email at successstories@skout.com.


Rih and Salar began their online friendship on SKOUT about a year ago when they encountered each other via SKOUT Travel. Salar initiated the conversation by sending Rih a chat message. They keep up their friendship via chat on a daily basis, despite the distance between them. Rih is in the Philippines, and Salar is in Canada.

“He’s always there for me, and I’m lucky to have him as a friend,” says Rih.


If you have a SKOUT success story you’d like to share, shoot us an email at successstories@skout.com.


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