Skout's Newest Feature - Interested? - is Now on iOS!

Interested? is a feature for finding people based on your “Meet People” search settings! We’ll match you with someone we think you might hit it off with, and you can simply like or dislike our suggestion by tapping the red X or the green check mark. If you select the green check mark for someone who has also checked you off as someone they would like to chat with, it’s a match! Make sure you have the latest version of SKOUT installed on your phone in order to use this feature. Start playing the Interested? game today! Find your match. To play, simply follow these steps:

  • On the Bottom Nav, tap “Interested?”
  • You will be taken to a screen that reads, “Finding people around you…”
  • Once Skout has found the first person, a card will pop up where you can either like the suggestion by tapping the green check mark or dislike by tapping the red X.
  • When you match with another Skouter you will be taken to a screen that reads, “It’s a Match!” You can either tap “Chat” to strike up a conversation or “Keep Playing” to browse through more suggestions.
  • If you’ve scrolled through all of your suggested matches for the day, you will reach a screen that reads, “That’s the last of ’em.” To view more suggested matches, check back in tomorrow! To continue browsing people near you, tap “Meet People,” which will take you to the “Meet People” grid.

Once you’ve liked or dislike the suggestions, go about your Skouting or daily life, as usual. Skout will send you a push notification or chat message letting you know you have a match!

For instructions on how to play the Interested? game on Android, click here.