Skouters Buzz What They’re #Thankful For

When we asked Skouters what they’re thankful for, we didn’t expect such a broad response! People from all over the world posted on Buzz that they’re thankful for friends, family, Thanksgiving celebrations, pets and, yes, even pizza. We asked Skouters to post on Buzz what they’re thankful for, hashtagged #thankful, and we chose our favorites to award 500 Points to each. Here they are:

Juan Adriano (SkoutID: juandriano) is #thankful for his friends.

Mark (SkoutID: marky91) is thankful to have a dog that relieves his stress!

Freudian (SkoutID: libra101182) is #thankful that during a tumultuous year, she did meet “the love of my life.”

Kristen (SkoutID: proudmama95) is #thankful for Thanksgiving dinner made from scratch.

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