How Do I Activate My Location to Chat With Locals?

With Skout, you can chat with people everywhere, all over the world! But let’s say you want to make a new friend nearby – someone to even hang with tonight! Then you want to be sure Skout is showing you new people near your location. Wonder why you’re not seeing locals in your Buzz feed and Chat? Your location may not be activated. Don’t worry – checking is easy!

If you have an iPhone, follow these simple steps:

Tap Settings. 1

Scroll Down to “SKOUT.” 2


Tap “Location.” 4

Select “While Using the App." 5

Finally, refresh the Skout app.

So what if you’ve followed the steps above, and your location is still off? Tap here to send our Support Team a message. They’ll be happy to troubleshoot with you!

Also, if you have an Android phone, follow these steps to turn on your location.