SKOUT Success: #Skout4Change

You may recall late last year when a group of Skouters in Manila worked together to fundraise for one of their own. The daughter of Jenny (Skout ID: jennyfromtheblock) had been diagnosed with leukemia. The event at a local bar raised money for Jenny’s daughter Ynah’s cancer treatment in a variety of ways: a donation box, a photobooth, an auction for goods and dates with Skouters, as well as Skout trivia. The event raised about $2,000 USD. Because Manila Skouters decided one night of raising money for a good cause was not enough, they created #Skout4Change. The goal for #Skout4Change is: Once a quarter, a group of Skouters plans and executes an activity, during which they help someone in the community or tackle a social issue going on in Manila. Ideas included holding food and blood drives for typhoon victims and volunteering in orphanages.

Sure enough, #Skout4Change continues to work within its Manila community. And Ynah continues to fight the cancer with which she was diagnosed two years ago, when she was just 8 years old.

This summer, #Skout4Change organized another benefit for Ynah. The event was organized within two weeks, with word of mouth spread on Skout Buzz.

“Blame it on the Filipino attitude of kawang-gawa,” one Skouter told us. Kawang-gawa is the nature of the Filipinos to help others without asking anything in return – to give what they can.

The goal of the latest benefit was not to raise money – though Skouters did give cash too. Instead, Skouters donated blood. They donated so much blood that they maxed out the facility, and already the community is organizing the next blood drive.

Thank you, #Skout4Change, for showing what the Skout community is capable of when it uses Buzz and chatting for great things!

Skouters in Manila gather for a blood drive.

Skouters in Manila gather for a blood drive.

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