Happy National Friendship Week! Skouters Say How Far They’d Go for Friends

Would you go to an event you’re not into just because a friend asked you?
Would you go to an event you’re not into just because a friend asked you?

How far would you go for your friends? We all think we’d do anything for friendship, but is there a line you just won’t cross?

To celebrate National Friendship Week – August 16-22 – almost 1,500 Skouters told us which wild things they’d do for their friends. Highlights from Skout’s National Friendship Week survey include:

Friends are honest, even if you don’t want to hear it. Ninety-two percent of people would tell their friend if they were wearing a questionable outfit.

Waxing – it’s not just for the pros! Eighty-four percent of women are willing to help a friend when it comes to hair removal, whereas 54 percent of men say they’d help a friend with “manscaping.”

Car trouble? Call a friend. Ninety-two percent of people would drop whatever they are doing to help a friend with a broken-down car.

Friends say they can spare a kidney. Eighty-one percent of people are willing to donate their kidney to a friend in need, if they are a match.

Friends will support your taste in music, even if they hate it. Seventy-seven percent of people will go see a friend’s favorite pop band, even if they can’t stand that group’s music.

Friends will help you move – even if that means missing the biggest sporting event of the year! Seventy-seven percent of people would help a friend move, even if it were on the same day as the most popular football game of the year.

Besties before beers. Fifty-nine percent of people are willing to skip alcoholic beverages themselves in support of a friend who’s on the wagon.

Friends will jump out of a plane for friendship. Fifty-six percent of people would find a way to overcome a fear of heights if a good friend wanted to go skydiving.

Friends make the purrfect cat-sitters. More than half – 55 percent! – of people are willing to cat-sit for a friend, even if they are allergic to cats!

How far is too far to go for a friend? Here are a few limitations Skouters cited:

Matching tattoos: Less than half – 46 percent – of people said they would be open to getting matching tattoos with a good friend.

Breaking up with a new flame: Just 39 percent of people say they would break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend because their good friend didn’t like him or her.

Moving to a new city with a friend: Only 38 percent of people would consider moving to a different city to follow their friend.


Some friendships go together like milk and cookies or pineapples and coconuts.

To celebrate National Friendship Week, Skout created a bunch of Friendship Week Buddies for you to send to your Skout besties. Each day of National Friendship Week — August 17-21 — Skout is making one Friendship Week Buddy FREE for you to give to your Skout friends. So be sure to check the Skout Gift Store every day to see which Buddy is free!

BFF having a bad day? Milk and cookies can save the day! Does your gal pal need a shoulder to cry on? Give her wine and cheese! Love talking football with a friend? Give that person a hot dog and mustard!

Tap here to learn how to give a Friendship Week Buddy to a Skouter. And tap here to learn how far Skouters say they’d go for their friends.

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One of these new Friendship Week Buddies will be FREE each day during National Friendship Week, August 17-21!
One of these new Friendship Week Buddies will be FREE each day during National Friendship Week, August 17-21!

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