Tales of a Global Friendship Ambassador: Skout’s POV

For the first time, Skout brought on a summer intern, but not just any summer intern – Corey was our Global Friendship Ambassador. You can read all about Corey’s Skout adventures here, but Jane, Skout’s director of marketing, would like to tell you about the benefits of hiring an intern.

Corey and Jane

Corey and Jane

If you think an intern is only useful for bringing you coffee, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Hiring an intern is a win-win situation – the intern learns real-life job skills, and the company has young brains to pick, all summer long.

Here is what Skout gained from having college sophomore Corey around.

Community feedback in real time. Corey was a Skouter long before he became our Global Friendship Ambassador, so he was a great person to bounce questions off of regarding Skout and its features. As a member of Skout’s target demographic, Corey was able to shed light on the behaviors of the Skout community.

“It is easy for generations to be stereotyped, and having those authentic conversations creates such a more meaningful picture,” said product manager Grace.

Up-to-speed on latest technology. New apps and tech debut all the time, and it’s challenging to keep up on all of it. But Corey was able to contribute the younger perspective, so we were able to narrow what new tech we should focus on.

Bright and enthusiastic! Ever feel jaded at work? Hang around an intern.

“It was refreshing having Corey and that bright-eyed perspective on life from a 19-year-old vantage point,” said Grace.

Skout put Corey through an intense program, where he was embedded in different departments during the course of six weeks. And he approached every task with a fresh mind and therefore produced new ideas.

Skout misses Corey already, so we’re already looking to make next year’s Global Friendship Ambassador even better.

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