SKOUT Success: Vanessa and Alexis

“My name is Vanessa, and I found love on your app. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's true, and I feel the need to tell you our story.”

Vanessa and Alexis.

Vanessa and Alexis.

Two years ago, Vanessa’s sister persuaded her to download Skout. And two months later, Alexis noticed her on Meet People.

“He made the first contact,” Vanessa told us. “He was sweet, starting off with a ‘Good morning, beautiful,’ or something to that extent.

“He was very handsome, so why not reach out?”

Alexis and Vanessa hit it off immediately, even though Alexis lived in New York City, while Vanessa was in Boston. They started off chatting in Skout, then exchanged phone numbers and eventually upgraded to video chatting.

Vanessa flew out to meet Alexis a few months after they’d started chatting on Skout. What’d been intended as an introductory visit turned in to a one-way ticket.

Alexis and Vanessa.

Alexis and Vanessa.

“We hit it off immediately in person, much like we did on the app,” says Vanessa. “We've been inseparable since.”

Now Alexis and Vanessa are going on their second anniversary.

“We're far from perfect, but we're perfect for each other,” Vanessa says.

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