How to Use Skout’s New Chat

Check out the new Skout chat!

Check out the new Skout chat!

Skout has a whole new way to chat! Now you can preview messages as well as accept – or reject – chat requests. Check it out:

Scroll down to learn all about the new chat features.

1. What is the chat button between the red X and the green checkmark? To chat immediately, tap the chat button. This is also how you can preview if the Skouter sent you a photo or audio message sent to you. Replying to the message means you’ve accepted the chat request, and the full message will appear in your Chats.

2. What happens when I tap the green checkmark? If you’re interested in responding to the Skouter who wants to chat with you, then tap the green checkmark to accept and save the chat for later.

3. Where do I find my messages? To see the chat requests you’ve accepted, open Skout and tap on Chat. There you will see the message requests you’ve accepted.

4. What does tapping the red X do? Tapping the red X declines the Skouter’s request to chat with you and blocks their account, too. That Skouter will no longer be able to contact you.

5. What happens if I swipe down? Swiping down on a chat request means you want to chat with that Skouter. Go to your messages to start chatting! 6. What happens if I swipe up? Swiping up rejects the Skouter’s chat request. That person is now blocked and will no longer be able to message you.

7. What happens if I swipe to the right? Swiping right takes you to your next chat request. Your previous chat request is saved for you to return to later.

8. What happens if I swipe to the left? Swiping left returns you to your previous chat request. 9. How about if I tap the photo in the chat request? Tapping the photo or name in the chat request takes you to that Skouter’s profile.

10. Can I change my mind after accepting or declining a chat request? Yes! If you changed your mind and DO want to chat with a Skouter you rejected, go to your Settings and tap on Blocked Users. There you can unblock the people you wish to chat with. On the other hand, if you’re chatting with a Skouter who makes you uncomfortable, go to his or her profile and tap “More” and then “Block.” That Skouter will no longer be able to message you.

11. Where can I go if I need help? For further help, please email

12. Don't see the new Chat? Don't worry – it's coming in your next update!