Tales of a Skout Global Friendship Ambassador, Week 1: Exploring San Francisco and a Dog Rescue

Corey, Skout's Global Friendship AmbassadorCorey is entering his sophomore year at Lynchburg College in Virginia, where he studies criminology. He likes going to the beach, watching movies and listening to music. During his internship at Skout, Corey wants to check out the San Francisco dining scene and explore historical landmarks. Tune in to the Skout Blog for Corey’s updates each week, and add him on Skout, too (SkoutID: corepowww)! Being a Skout Global Friendship Ambassador embodies Skout’s goal: Meet new people; do fun things. I met the entire team on my first day in San Francisco, and they were all superfun and energetic. They showed me around the office and made sure I understood every aspect of working here, especially the amount of fun I would be having! They also gave me pointers on things to do and places to visit in San Francisco. I’ve only known them a short while, but feel like I’ve always been part of the team!

While I could go on about all the amazing people I’ve met at the office, this post isn’t about who I met, but what I did.

My first official assignment was to visit Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to shoot a video for an upcoming Skout campaign. I played with the many friendly dogs there and took pictures with a few of them and was dubbed the “dog whisperer” because all of the dogs swarmed me and pushed for a VIP spot on my lap. I must have gotten kissed a hundred times! I don’t think I’ve ever met such a mellow yet enthusiastic bunch! We were able to get good photos and form a nice bond with the organization and the senior dogs that live there.

Corey at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco.

The drive to and from Muttville gave me a chance to see a little more of San Francisco than I already had. As we drove through the city, I noticed the many people hurrying off to their various destinations and the enormously tall building surrounding the city. I liked gazing at the entire area, taking in all of it’s culture. Once I got back to the office, we continued to work on different aspects of the campaign.

Skout is all about balancing a work-hard, play-hard atmosphere.There are lots of meetings to attend, plenty of work to do, and several deadlines to meet. But, everyone has fun in the process, teaching me hard work and fun can easily go hand-in-hand.

Stay tuned for my next post about the video shoot!