Skout BFFs Win Shopping Spree

On Skout, every day is National BFF Day. All day, every day people chat with their friends on Skout or browse through Buzz and Meet People to find new ones. That doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate National BFF Day on Monday, though. All day we gave away Bestie badges and talked about celebrity best friends. The holiday just gave us an excuse to celebrate friendship!

Skouters Adreana and Natalia are BFFs in real life too.

But not only did we want to celebrate friendship – we wanted to reward it, too, so we asked Skouters to post photos on Buzz with their BFFs. Then we chose our favorite besties, and we’re giving them EACH a $250 gift card for H&M. Because what’s better than shopping with your best friend? Congratulations to Adreana (SkoutID: @adreana21) and Natalia (SkoutID: @nataliaachanelle) – enjoy your shopping spree!

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