Drink Up the Latest Skout Hashtag Contest Winners

Cheers to all the Skouters who entered our new hashtag contest! We asked you to post pictures to Buzz with your favorite drink, tagged #cheers, and now we’re toasting each of these Skouters with 500 Points: AJ (SkoutID: ajn77) makes her favorite cocktail to toast with. skout_cheers_winner_ajn77

B (SkoutID: darkbella4) says her sister is her best drinking buddy. skout_cheers_winner_darkbella4

Janet (SkoutID: janet5891) may not know how to toast with this drink at Sam’s in Japan. skout_cheers_winner_janet5891

To see more of the winners’ fun pics, look them up with their SkoutIDs. And stay tuned for more Buzz contests – you could win Points too!