Skout Chat Advice: Don’t Send the Same Message to Different Skouters

Recently, we told you about how NOT to start a chat with a Skouter. It included such no-no’s as “Hey baby,” and “Hello dear.” Our point: Be original!

Chat tip No. 1: Read a Skouter's profile before starting a Chat!

Skouters want to feel special – they’re more likely to respond to your chat if you take the time to look at their profiles. Skouters have told us that one of top things that annoys them is when someone asks them about something that they have clearly outlined in their profile.

But there’s a flipside to crafting a well-thought-out greeting, too. See example No. 9 of what not to say in a Skout chat.

9. “Hello dear how are you i was searching through profiles of eligible matches when i came across your profile and i was intrigued so i decided to write you a message i’m interested in knowing you better and eventually hope that things will work out between us so please do reply after you read this message thanks and stay blessed.”

Chat tip No. 2: DON'T send the same message over and over to different Skouters.

We’ve noticed some Skouters will use the same opening line in a chat with multiple people. Believe it or not, a lot of the people you’re trying to chat with can tell you’re cutting and pasting that same message.

So here are some ideas for starting a chat:

  1. Slow down! Read a Skouter’s profile before starting a chat.
  2. Personalize your message – choose something from their profile to talk about or ask a specific question meant just for that person.
  3. Go ahead and chat with other Skouters, too, but send different messages – just for them.

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