A Skouter Checked Me Out – Now What?!

Find out who looked at your profile for 150 Points!

Find out who looked at your profile for 150 Points!

Someone checked you out! That’s a thrilling notification to receive in Skout – it means another Skouter looked at your profile. To find out who, tap on the green box in the notification. That action lets you see, for a whole 24 hours, each Skouter who has looked at your profile -- and it costs only 150 Points!

But now what?

Really take a look at the profiles of the Skouters who checked you out. Do you have things in common? Are you looking for the same thing, whether it’s friendship, chatting or dating? Do their photos appeal to you?

Choose the Skouters with whom you want to connect and try one of these three communication tips:

Give a Gift. For the Skouter who’s a baseball fan, the Gift Store has an entire Sports category. Other categories include Flowers, Drinks, Travel and low-priced Stickers.

Ask, “Are you feeling shy?” Sometimes Skouters look at profiles and then clam up. Make the first move by opening up a Chat with him or her!

Use what you have in common. Stand out among all the other Skouters trying to chat with their simple “Hello,” and, “What’s up?” Ask a question based on what you read in his or her profile. Question the person decked out in Giants gear if they’ll make it to the World Series again. And ask the Financial District worker for a happy-hour recommendation.