Smile! Skouters Buzz With What Makes Them Smile

Want to connect with more people on Skout? Turn their frowns upside-down! We notice that positive Buzz posts get lots of comments. So sure enough, when we asked Skouters to post pictures on Buzz of what makes them smile (tagged #smile), we were all smiles going through all the posts.

Here are our favorite Buzz posts, to which we deposited 500 Points in each Skouter’s account.

Puppy kisses make Poe (SkoutID: poepoe1990) smile. skout_smile_contest_winner_ poepoe1990

Riding makes Scott (SkoutID: streetbikescotty) smile. skout_smile_contest_winner_ streetbikescotty

Tiny cats with hoodies make Angelo smile. skout_smile_contest_winner_ android42

Keep an eye on your Notifications for more Buzz contests, and you could win Points too!