Skout Puts You in Control of Meeting New People

We’ve said it before: There is no “block” option on the streets, and that’s what makes Skout different when it comes to meeting new people. When you come across people on Skout, you have the power to decide if you want to chat – and even meet – them. Skout isn’t like a bar or a party, where some fool may talk your ear off. If that same fool starts chatting with you on Skout, you can block that user, and after that they won’t be able to comment on your Buzz or start a chat.

Go ahead and block that Skouter you don’t want to talk to, whether they’re out of your age range, live farther away than you like or just don’t interest you. We would rather you spend your time chatting with all the other Skouters who could become your new Online Friends (OFs) or even boyfriend or girlfriend.

To report or block someone, go to the user’s profile page and click on “More.” From there you have the option to select “Report” or “Block.”

After you've clicked "More,” you can select “Report” or “Block.”

After you've clicked "More,” you can select “Report” or “Block.”

We encourage you to report users for sexual content, violent or repulsive content, hateful or discriminatory content, harmful and dangerous content, copyrighted content, spam or a scam, or underage content.