SKOUT Success: Shelley and Paul

We found out about Shelley and Paul’s Success Story when Shelley replied to a writer on Twitter who was researching apps for meeting people. “What about Skout?? It's how I met my husband and a whole bunch of other weirdos!!” Shelley tweeted.

Naturally, we could not resist asking more about that story, and we’re so glad we did!

Shelley and Paul

Shelley joined Skout in January 2012 with the goal of meeting new people with shared interests.

Meanwhile, Paul, who joined a month after Shelley did, lived overseas at the time and would chat with people in different time zones when he couldn’t sleep.

Shelley recalls the exact day she and Paul “met” on Skout:

“On the 19th of April 2012, I was standing in for my regional manager and so was updating my status more than usual due to my changes in location and the interesting people I was meeting,” Shelley told us. “By a weird twist of fate I appeared on Paul's Meet People as available to talk to, and he sent me a message.”

That night Paul and Shelley chatted for hours and discovered they shared the same interests in films, music and senses of humor.

As they said our goodnights, Paul told Shelley it was his birthday the next day and that she had “been a great early birthday present." Awwww …

Paul and Shelley continued to chat at any available opportunity on Skout, and after a month they spoke on the phone.

“It was great to find our humor and conversations flowed as easily for real as they did in Skout,” Shelley says.

They continued to use Skout to chat during the day and called each other at night until they met on June 2 for their first in-person date. And barring one two-week separation for vacation, they’ve been inseparable since. Shelley and Paul married in May 2014.

“I can't believe that after a random meeting on an app we are about to celebrate our third year together and our first wedding anniversary!” Shelley says. “Thanks, Skout, for helping me find my soulmate.”

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Photo Credit: Mark Barnes Photography