Top 10 Ways NOT to Start a Skout Chat

Bad opening lines annoy Skouters. Don't be that guy.

Bad opening lines annoy Skouters. Don't be that guy.

Ever wonder why your Chat attempts are going nowhere? If you’ve ever tried to start a Chat with a Skouter using one of these opening lines, you’re doing it wrong:

  1. Hi sweetheart.
  2. What’s your number so we can text?
  3. Hello dear.
  4. Sexy.
  5. Hey you there.
  6. Hey baby.
  7. Hey.
  8. You’re my soulmate!
  9. Hello dear how are you i was searching through profiles of eligible matches when i came across your profile and i was intrigued so i decided to write you a message i’m interested in knowing you better and eventually hope that things will work out between us so please do reply after you read this message thanks and stay blessed.
  10. I love you.

Those are all very real lines with which we’ve seen Skouters attempt to start Chats. Notice a similarity? They’re all presumptuous and familiar.

Here’s a tip: If a Skouter catches your eye in Meet People or Buzz, go to their profile to see their interests. Scroll through their Buzz posts and check out the rest of their photos. Find something on which to comment.

If you’re looking to Chat with no Skouter in particular, try Shake-to-Chat. But stand out among Skouters and make that other person WANT to engage with you. Try one of these iceshakers to get the conversation going.

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