SKOUT Success: ‘Chatmates’

Skouters have been telling us their Success Stories in recent weeks, and one thing we’ve noticed: A lot of you have made Online Friends (OFs) – people with whom you chat on a regular basis, but you live in different cities or even different countries. Have you made a chatmate on Skout? Please tell us about it!

Here’s the Success Story a Skouter told us about her and her OF:

“I was a late bloomer when it comes to online chatting. When I first signed up for Skout in September, I was hoping for just someone to talk to when I'm bored, just to kill time when I don't have anything to do.

“I was browsing the Meet People section, when I saw one guy that caught my attention. I winked at him, not keeping my hopes up and not wondering if he would reply or not. Then the following day, he answered! So we chatted and chatted whenever we both had time.

“We don't talk about taking our conversation to the next level. We are happy with what we are doing right now. We never met in person, but we have plans of having a vacation here, hopefully, within this year and meet!

“He has helped me in so many ways that he doesn’t know; he made an impact with what I am doing now with myself.

“Hopefully, this friendship that we have now will last longer than any other online chatmates I have. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he could come here and meet me!”

Do you have an OF you met on Skout, whether you’ve met in person or not? Please tell us at, and we may share your tale on the Skout Blog!