17 International Online Friendship Day Facts

Do you have an online friend (OF) – someone with whom you chat with regularly but have never met? You’re not alone! In honor of International Online Friendship Day, Skout asked its community members in more than 10 different countries about their OFs as well as what they consider to be the friendliest cities. Here is what we found:

Half of All Adults Have Online Friends – And 6 More #OF Facts

Technology is enabling millions of new friendships around the world, and Skout is used by millions of people across 180 countries. People can connect with new friends anytime, anywhere, and keep friendships online or make plans and meet up in person.

10 Friendliest Cities in the U.S.

We “Skouted” the U.S. to uncover the cities with the friendliest qualities.

Now it’s your turn – tell us about your OFs you’ve met on Skout! Please email us at successstories@skout.com.