Skouters Show Off Online Friends

Online Friends (OFs) are real friends! Skouters have met new people on Buzz, Shake-to-Chat, Skout Travel and other features, so we asked you to show off your OF who rocks! Skouters posted photos of themselves with their online besties, tagged #OFRock, on Buzz. We chose our favorites to win 1,000 Points. Here are our favorites: Mona (SkoutID mona81) met some of her closest friends on Skout. skout_online_friends_rock_mona81

Rona (SkoutID ronasmiler007) took an online friendship offline. skout_online_friends_rock_ronasmiler007

Khaleesi (SkoutID gorgeousf) watches Barcelona win with her online bestie. skout_online_friends_rock_gorgeousf

Do you have an OF who rocks? Please tell us at