Online Friends Rock!

What do you do when you’re bored, home sick or awake late at night? Turn to your Online Friend (OF)! Unlike clubs, bars and school, Skout is open 24 hours a day for people to connect. Skouters have told us that they start each day by logging on to Skout, seeing what people are up to, and chatting with OFs. Those are your people to whom you can seek out opinions about your interview outfit or where to find a good burrito.

Also, hanging out with OFs means you can have a great conversation without having to brush your hair or put on pants!

OFs provide great chat without having to leave your room!

How to find OFs? Log on to Skout and try one of these features:

  • Post AND comment on Buzz. Show Skouters why they’d want to be OFs with you by being positive and engaging.
  • Find Skouters with whom you have things in common on Meet People. But first, be sure your profile is up to date! Have you filled out your interests? Do you mention if you’re single or in a relationship?
  • Let serendipity take over with Shake-to-Chat. Stand out among the “Hey, what’s up,” with one of these 10 iceshakers.

Do you have an OF you met on Skout? Please tell us at