Skout Presents … Your Favorite Holiday Gifts!

Were you on the naughty or nice list this past holiday? Skouters were certainly good, as evidenced by all the presents you posted on Buzz! Our very own Skoutie Dog took a break from taking selfies with his new hat and scarf to choose his favorite Buzz posts hashtagged #gift.

Skoutie Dog is pawsitively pleased with his new hat and scarf!

These Skouters each won a luxury car from the Skout Gift Store and 1,000 Points!

Sweets for sweet Skouter Mel (SkoutID mel3089). skout_gift_mel3089

Of course Skoutie approves of Kat Hoover’s (SkoutID s0urskittles1) furrylicious gift! skout_s0urskittles1

Christian (SkoutID mryellowtee) said his favorite gift is spending time with loved ones. skout_mryellowtee

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