4 Tips for a Selfie Win

What was the last selfie you took? Did you aim the lens down your shirt? Did you take a photo of your lap area? Are you just a Headless Torso? If so, you’re doing it wrong! Skout is a place to meet new people. But it can be challenging to know with whom to start a Chat among all the generic selfies that can fill Buzz. And how do you make yourself stand out in Meet People?

Skoutie Dog says if you're going to snap selfies, make 'em a #Win!

Skoutie, Skout’s resident selfie-obsessed mascot, has four tips to snap your own Selfie #Win.

  1. Step out of the bathroom. There is NOTHING sexy about your dingy bathroom with toiletries strewn around. And aiming the camera at the mirror makes everything look blurry.
  2. This selfie is shot from an angle AND includes a pet prop.

  3. Use props. You may be the most beautiful person in the world, but a generic selfie just gets lost among the rest. Throw on a cap to represent your team, or drag your cat into the photo. Showcase your personality!
  4. Shoot from an angle. Holding your camera straight out can cause the dreaded triple chin. To capture a more flattering angle, hold your device above your head, aiming downward.
  5. Friend-filled selfies cut down on the self-absorption.

  6. Go beyond the selfie. Is it still a selfie if your friends are in the picture? Well, it’s still self-photographed, right? A group shot shows you’re having fun and can also make you seem more approachable.

This holiday, go beyond the standard selfie – trick out your profile with super seasonal selfies!