Skouters Save the Selfies for Skoutie Dog

Have you met Skoutie? He’s our wooftastic doggie friend. While he’s gosh-darned cute, Skoutie is also obsessed with selfies, as you can see on his profile. Skout has decided to leave the selfies to Skoutie. We want to see YOU in your natural element. We asked Skouters to post a picture to Buzz that best describes themselves, hashtagged #Me. There was only one rule: No selfies, because those are Skoutie’s thing! So if you submitted a selfie, you were barking up the wrong tree.

These three Skouters each won 1,000 Points. Look, Skouters – no selfies!

Skouter mxgirlkymi’s idea of fun takes her to new heights! SkoutID: mxgirlkymi

Skouter lilkopy takes “supporting friends” literally! SkoutID: lilkopy

Skouter therockspecial shows her love for art and pizza. SkoutID: therockspecial

Stay tuned for more hashtag contests, and please, throw us a bone – keep making Buzz fun with your creative photos, and leave the selfies to Skoutie!