Why You Should Set Up Your SkoutID

I was chatting with a nice Skouter the other day, when I realized that he had a lot in common with another Skout friend of mine. The fellow was game for a little matchmaking, so he gave me his SkoutID to give to my friend. And now they’re chatting. Without that SkoutID, I would not have been able to connect these two people. Because Skout is a place to meet new people, but it’s dependent on who’s online and nearby. Once you chat with someone, you need to find a way to keep track of them, and SkoutID is one answer!

Your Friends list is how you can keep track of the people with whom you most want to chat. And in order to add people to your Friends list, you must know their SkoutID.

First thing’s first, though – have you set up your SkoutID? It’s like your phone number – it’s yours to guard until you’re ready to share it with someone.

To see if you have a SkoutID, open up your profile and tap “edit.” If you don’t have a SkoutID, it will tell you so in red:

Your SkoutID is like your phone number.

Once you have a SkoutID, it will be displayed beneath your name on your profile.

Next, here’s how you can find Skouters.

On your phone, select Find User by SkoutID:


Type in the name of the SkoutID you’re looking for. (Side note: On this screen you can also tap Share My SkoutID, which lets you send your SkoutID to friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and invite them to chat with you on Skout.)


Now you can send a friend request or open up a chat!


Voilà -- you have a new Skout friend!

Who can resist Skout's own Skoutie?!