3 Great Things About Meeting People on Skout

Meeting people in real life can be scary. Some folks have to build up a lot of nerve to approach a person. But on Skout, you have a chance to be yourself, even if you think you don't fit in to your surrounding environment. You can find a friend on Skout that just gets you. Here are three advantages about meeting people on Skout:

1. Rather than hide behind the Internet, make yourself shine! On Skout, you have the opportunity to display all the best parts of your personality. If you’re shy, this is your chance to tell people about your encyclopedic knowledge of EDM or show off your collection of antique cameras.

2. Leave your baggage behind. If you had a tough time in school, Skout is your place to reinvent yourself. No one needs to know you were a wallflower or that you were picked on. Skouters don’t know your past, and you can choose to share what you want about yourself.

Check and double-check that Buzz before you post it!

3. Think twice and rewrite! First impressions are important. How many times have you introduced yourself to someone new, only to stumble on your words or say the wrong thing? On Skout you have time to really think about what you’re typing. You can reread your profile before you share it – do you sound genuine? Desperate? Approachable? Look at that Buzz before you post it: Will it turn people off? Or will you make Skouters smile and want to be your friend?

Skout helps level the playing field. You may not be the most outgoing person in real life, but you have a great personality, and Skout is place to let it show!